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Will Brazil be ready for the influx of spectators for the World Cup?

Greg Raiff
courtesy Greg Raiff

Travelers with dreams of watching the World Cup in Brazil in June may instead have nightmares if the infastructure at the airports is not ready.

A report on Yahoo! Sports says that the many airports being built for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will not be ready in time for June. One of the world’s biggest events will see hundreds of thousands of travelers arriving into what might be chaos just two months. And this comes on top of an already chaotic Brazilian aviation system.

Work may be completed at just 2 of the 13 airports that will serve the World Cup. Aviation analyst, Greg Raiff, says that things could be much worse than they were at the recent Winter Olympics.

“The focus has been to complete the sports venues, and airports are secondary,” Raiff said.

According to Raiff, “Brazil’s air system, airports, and safety record are not good. Just a few years ago you had major issues relating to civil aviation. Add to this the influx of flights, and one has to think twice.”

Raiff recommends private aviation as one way to avoid the chaos. “They tend to be priced competitively when compared to inflated tour operator charter prices. Private jets offer greater flexibility of airport choice, arrival time, and crew expertise. And they offer superior comfort and luxury.”

It may be the safest, fastest, and most comfortable way to get to the World Cup, Raiff says. “With the challenges that the World Cup is bringing to Brazil, a private jet insures that the investment in time and money in a World Cap Trip is of the highest level- and that you get to where you want to go in time and safely.”

Greg Raiff is Chief Executive Officer at Private Jet Services Group. Raiff has more than 20 years of experience in the airline industry and is an airline industry expert who has advised on such issues as TSA screening procedures and trends in private air travel. Raiff currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Private Jet Group of Companies, one of the three largest private jet brokerage firms in North America.

Since joining Private Jet Group in 2000, Greg Raiff has extended the breadth of the firm’s clientele to include sports and entertainment professionals and has secured contracts with National Basketball League players, among other elite clients

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