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Will BMW's shift to Apple sales model help or hurt?

BMW has announced its intention to trade in the typical sales person for a product specialist much along the lines of a Genius that you will encounter when you visit an Apple store.

But why?

The "traditional" and more typical method of car buying is evolving into a different model all together. BMW along with Tesla recognize and hear what the customer is looking for for and considering the success of the Apple store, it's clear that it's more about the experience and it shows how consumers are looking to do business now.

GM is also getting into this realm with customer kiosks with computers and video based information displays.

So what does this mean for the "traditional" sales person? If you've been selling cars since the 80's and even the 90's and are committed to that style, you may need to look at another industry or see what the rate is on student loans, because a career change will be in order.

Never mind what the OEMs are doing. They are adapting. Adapting to the demand of the customer. They have made it perfectly clear how they want to do business. Companies and dealerships who adapt will survive. Those who do not will wither away.

Customers are looking for speed and transparency. Questions from the industry like, "What about building the relationship? Rapport?"

This is a very legitimate concern. In Grant Cardone's book, Sell Or Be Sold, he addresses the issue of trust and rapport and also introduces a modern day sales process that is tailored to the modern consumer. Recently, while speaking with a group of automotive professionals Grant asked the group if a customer had ever said, "Hey, before you give me a price, let's get to know each other first." Who says that? No one. Trust, rapport and determining needs must be established by delivering transparency and the willingness to give all the information to the customer so they can make a well informed decision. The days of "controlling" the customer are over.

Not only is the auto industry changing, but business is changing. Consider what the information age and high speed internet has done for and to multiple industries. Consider the music business. Look at newspapers. The travel industry. Who really needs a stock broker? Companies that got hit by the cyberspace that are still in business are the companies who bring real value, real human experience and expertise to the market place and most importantly, they do it fast and with complete transparency.

We are seeing natural selection at work in the business sector and the market will absorb those who do not adapt and grow. This is why Grant Cardone introduced Information Based Selling to the marketplace. To help dealerships and companies alike not only survive the evolution but to thrive in it. Information Based Selling increases production, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Information Based Selling is the way to go. It is is a smart, significantly more effective, customer focused process that shortens the time spent in the sales cycle, creates a better relationship with the buyer, and gets much better results.

For more information on how to bring Information Based Selling to your organization, contact David Bradley ~ Sales & Marketing Manager for Cardone Training Technologies.

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