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Will Bitcoin reach consumers through Coin Academy and Bitcoin comic book?

Bitcoin Comic Book
Bitcoin Comic Book
Ares Garci`a

Bitcoin has been embraced by techies and software developers but not by the consumer. Retailers see the advantage of the low cost to transfer product or service globally via a cryptocurrency but the big bang has not been recorded by the masses according to USA Today on Tuesday.

Campbell Harvey, a Duke University professor of finance, will be teaching a course in cryptocurrency in 2015. He states,

"While it is minuscule today, that does not mean it will be small in the future," But education, he writes, is key.

It is agreed that Bitcoin will remain amongst a small group of techies unless it becomes embraced by mass appeal. Coin Academy, an online learning site, is a step closer in attracting mass appeal to Bitcoin. It will bring a comprehensive digital currency education site online with original and curated courses of Bitcoin material, reports CoinDesk today.

Stephen DeMeulenaere, co-founder of Coin Academy and alternative economics expert, has found a need for education due to the poorly constructed pieces on Bitcoin. Coin Academy opens with three courses: Digital Currency Ownership—Before You Begin, Bitcoin for Merchants, and Bitcoin for Everyone. There is a full suite of curated collections on numerous alt-currencies.

A different form of educating the mass consumer appears via a new entry, “Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto” a graphic novel, which is written by Alex Preukschat and Josep Busquet, will debut in November. The well-known Spanish illustrator José Ángel Ares Garcia does the graphic work. I had an opportunity to interview Alex Preukschat about the upcoming project and how it can reach out to the consumer in mass appeal.

When will the comic book debut?

Alex: Our graphic novel “Bitcoin: The Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto” will be published in English and Spanish in November 2014. Maybe we will be able to release our Polish edition through our partner that will buy the rights by then too. So we are really excited of how things will go in the next two months, since we are launching our crowdsale for the English edition at our Bitcoin Comic Foundation donation address.

Who are the main characters?

Alex: The main character is Bob (Alice and Bob are two commonly used placeholder names in cryptography) and Tak who is helping him to escape the mob who is chasing him. Tony Castillo, a member of the mob, wants to get his hands on the Bitcoin fortune owned by Satoshi, but a group of freelance agents hired by the NSA called Eve, Mallet and Goss (also names used in cryptography) are following the events. We wanted to create an adventure story where the meaning of money and Bitcoin would unfold as the story evolved and hope our readers will have a lot of fun reading it and learn a lot at the same time about the world of money and Bitocoin crypto-currency.

Will crowdfunding be an ongoing bitcoin investment?

Alex: We are very excited about our crowdfunding campaign and have designed a fun and Bitcoin 2.0 campaign that should get all Bitcoiners interested.

The rewards allow you to get a standard copy, a special limited edition copy, the ability to share standard copies with an education, institution or even appear in the comic book as part of the action through a cameo appearance with your face.

Besides allowing for a cameo appearance in the Bitcoin graphic novel, we are issuing via SWARM ComicCoin an offer to holders a vote on the title and cover of the comic book. Discussion is in progress about investors and the right to receive a percent to be defined of net revenue of any derivative work done with the comic book in the next five years. Our main goal is to educate people about Bitcoin in a fun and easy way. We see the comic book being sold in book shops around the US.

Where will the comic book be sold?

Alex: The comic book will be sold via the Internet at and I met Ricardo, owner of Dibbukas, a Spanish comic book publisher, two years ago at The Angoulême International Comics Festival (the largest comic’s festival in Europe based in France and the second biggest in the world). The Spanish publisher will accept bitcoins, as part of the comic launch, for all his titles at his website. Hopefully, all publishers will follow the same path.

Will it be an eBook?

Alex: We plan to launch in paper format and in digital format. The Spanish edition will be published in paper and digital. The English paper edition will depend on how successful our crowdfunding campaign, but at very least we will publish it in digital in English.

Who are involved in its creation, graphic illustration and computer program?

Alex: We are a team of three people. Josep Busquet and myself have co-written the script and José Ángel García Ares did the illustrations.

We hope to continue convincing more people we get in touch with along the way to accept bitcoins as a payment method. Our exciting video on YouTube has been received with enthusiasm.

For anyone interested in joining the English crowdsale please write to and we will be happy to notify you information about the fund raising support to educate the world about money, Bitcoin and change the world for better.

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