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Will Ariana Grande's brother survive on ‘Big Brother’ after revealing identity?

Will Ariana Grande's fame hurt her brother on the CBS reality show?
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV

Ariana Grande's brother, Frankie Grande, made a major power move Friday night on CBS’s popular show “Big Brother” and the fans are worried he might be the next contestant to leave the show. Frankie Grande has been extraordinarily careful not to reveal that he was Ariana Grande's brother during the first few weeks of the show as he thought it would hurt him. According to "People Magazine" on Saturday the contestant changed his strategy and confessed the connection to the housemates after a double elimination and a change around the home.

The shock of the revelation has divided the house and it appears that Frankie Grande’s originally assumption that it might offer a target on his back was correct. Knowing that he is famous (after all he is a YouTube star) and that his sister is too has some of the contestants jealous about his time on the TV show. It’s a strange quandary that most relatives of famous people face, but this is playing out on national television.

Frankie Grande wasn't exactly up front with his housemates when he started the game. Calling his sister a different name and conveniently forgetting his occupation, the other contestants thought he was a regular guy looking to win the prize.

Will Frankie Grande survive on “Big Brother” after revealing his true identity? This question has fans excited to tune in on Sunday night as it makes everyone wonder if the rest of the contestants can forgive Frankie for misleading them or if this seals his fate. "MTV News" is reporting that the secret just might be the key to changing and solidifying his chance at winning the half a million dollar game prize. However the mood in the house isn’t easy to predict so anything is possible.

Frankie Grande has to feel good that he has made it so far in the reality competition. The game is tough and he has not had it easy. After hearing news that his grandfather passed away while on the show, it’s obvious he is doing his best to win.

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