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2014 Winter Olympics

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Will American athletes be safe at Sochi Olympics?

With the start of the Sochi Olympics just over two weeks away, many wonder if American athletes will be safe to compete. On Jan. 21 NBC News reported that two more terrorism suspects have been identified in correlation to a Sochi Olympic terrorist threat.

The two women that Russian officials are looking for have been dubbed the "black widows." They have been identified as Jhannet Tsakhaeva, 34, and Oksana Aslanova, 26. A third woman was identified and killed by Russian security on Saturday.

As the terrorist threat in Sochi, Russia increases, Americans are becoming more alarmed. As the start of the Sochi Olympics nears, American security has been heightened.

The U.S. military have placed two warships and several transport aircraft close to the site of the Olympic games in case there is a need to evacuate. If the terrorist threat turns into a real issue, U.S. athletes and citizens will be evacuated out of the country by way of military.

This threat to the Olympic Games comes by way of militant Muslim terrorists and was seen on a recent video. In this video, which came to light on Sunday, terrorist warn that there will be an attack if the games go on.

We've prepared a present for you and all tourists who'll come over. If you will hold the Olympics, you'll get a present from us for the Muslim blood that's been spilled.

Of course the Olympic Games will continue in Sochi as planned but Russian and U.S. officials are certainly proceeding with caution. Extra security measures have been put in place and the U.S. is providing precautionary information to Sochi hotels and other establishments in order to keep attendees and athletes safe.

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