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Will Amazon finally give us a smartphone?

Is this the Amazone smartphone?
Is this the Amazone smartphone?

After years of rumors BGR (boy genius report) reports that several source have confirmed that Seattle-based Amazon will finally delivery us a smartphone sometime in the next few months. To back up this claim they also have a rendering of the smartphone that was created by illustrators at Amazon for internal use. If the illustration is true the smartphone a nice clean design that looks as though it would fit well in your hand.

Rumors, that the Seattle-based e-commerce giant would make a smartphone, first started popping up shortly after the release of its Kindle Fire tablet. When no formal announcement came from Amazon the rumors died down. The following Summer those rumors caught fire one more time as reports came out that the Seattle-based company was in talks with a smartphone manufacturer. Those rumors died down when again there was no confirmation by Amazon spokespeople. Last fall those rumors once more surfaced when the third generation Kindle Fire was due to come out. That brings up the question that since there has been no formal announcement are these rumors finally about to come true?

One thing that makes this rumor more credible is besides outside sources there seems to be information trickling out of the Seattle-based company. Other than the rendering the information that seems to be coming straight from Amazon is the specifications of the smartphone. Those specifications include 3 front-facing cameras that will be to give the user a 3D experience without need of special equipment, a forth front-facing camera for video conferencing, a 4.7-inch display, 2GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera. The smartphone will run the same forked version of the android operating system that the Kindle Fire tablets run. So, all apps for the smartphone will have to come from Amazons app store.

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