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Will abortion derail the healthcare bill?

Jay Sekulow
Jay Sekulow

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Jay Sekulow is an attorney that pursues cases that protect and define civil rights for Christians. Sekulow hosts a talk radio show and serves as Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), a conservative religious organization.

Sekulow shared with his audience two months ago that the downfall of the healthcare bill will be the issue of abortion. It was interesting why he made that statement since none of the network or cable news shows had spoke a word of the issue of abortion causing strife. The argument was pointed at the public option and the cost.

However, the news is now covering the abortion argument with great detail. Sekulow stated that there is growing support among the Democratic Party for anti-abortion views. Including abortion in the healthcare package is a line many of the democratic lawmakers are unwilling to cross. According to CBN news, more than 40 democratic senators are opposing the government-funded abortion option.

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