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Will 2014 be the year of Golovkin

For a moment it seemed like he wasn’t going to stick to his signature game plan of a well balanced and steady assault, that slowly breaks his opponent down to the submission via a sixth round KO. In this fight the middleweight champ admittedly had something to prove. After all, in the hype leading up to the fight his opponent, Curtis Stevens posted a picture of his 'coffin' on Twitter. Perhaps the Kazakhstani native was not used to the American approach to ticket promotion, or maybe he felt his opponent crossed a line. Nevertheless in the second round of his last fight, Gennady Golovkin gave the Brooklyn native something to think about as he dropped him to the canvas. To simply say that Golovkin hit him with a solid left hook would discredit the stunned expression that was plastered on Stevens face. To his credit, Stevens managed to beat the eight count and survived the second round. However, for the rest of the fight, Stevens was reduced to covering up and moving from corner to corner. The fight was mercifully stopped in the eighth round. The victory gave Golovkin or ‘Triple G’ as he’s known in boxing circles an unblemished record of 28-0 with 25 knock outs.

This Saturday he will attempt to make it 29-0 when he goes up against Osumanu Adama, 23-3 with 16 knockouts. Adama, who has never been knocked out, faces one of the most enigmatic fighters in the game today. Golovkin has built up a mythological reputation for inhuman punching power. It is said that in order to maintain a full training camp, Golovkin’s sparring partner’s (often heavyweights) have to wear protective body padding. To give a sense of how solid his punching is watch the above clip where his trainer Abel Sanchez actually shakes his hands from the pain of just holding the pads.

Golovkins balanced attack and calmness in the ring can be credited to a remarkable amateur career. It was on the amateur circuit where he really sharpened his teeth at his craft. Beginning in 2000, Golovkin finished in 2005 with a stellar record of 345-5.

This Saturday in Monte Carlo, Gennady Golovkin will defend his WBA and IBO middleweight belts when he goes up against the pride of Accra, Ghuana; Osamamu Addama. Addama is a seasoned professional who hold a solid 22-3 record with 16 KO’s of his own. Of interest to note that the 34 year old has never been knocked out in his professional career.

This fight is important for Gennady in that if he wins in the similar fashion that the he has grown accustomed to, then it will be time for him to be prominently featured against the very best in the world. In the middleweight division that would be against Sergio Martinez who holds a record of 51-2 with 2 draws. If Golovkin were to go up in weight then he would most likely fight the likes of Andre Ward who stands atop the super-middle weight division with a perfect record of 26-0.

The fight takes place at Salle des Etoiles, Monte Carlo, Monaco. Start time is for 1:00 PM EST.

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