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‘Wildstar’ kicks off July with new Strain update

NCSOFT’s newest sci-fi online multiplayer RPG "Wildstar" got its first major content update this week, bringing new zones, quests, challenges and items for players to find.

The big patch, called an "Ultra Drop" by game developer Carbine Studios, takes players into the terrors of the Strain: a living biological virus that threatens to consume the galaxy with oozing pustules, bulbous tumors and parasitic monsters. Blighthaven and the Northern Wastes are two new zones that have been opened up to level-capped players, providing new end game (or "elder game" as Carbine calls it) content and further expanding the dynamic story. "Wildstar" residents will have to brave these lands if they wish to learn more about the Strain’s origins and how to stop it before it takes over the planet Nexus.

Players will also be able to acquire new loot that ranges from high-level equipment to purely cosmetic items for both characters and mounts. Housing addicts will be thrilled to know that new Strain-style décor items are available, allowing them to infect their homesteads with globules, appendages, and even a Star Wars Sarlacc-like maw.

Strain is the first big update for the month-old MMO, and Carbine plans to release more large updates on a monthly basis. “We’re trying to hit and sort of feed the MMO gamer with a regular series of content, especially for those solo-ers,” Carbine president Jeremy Gaffney said in an interview with Ten Ton Hammer at E3 this year. “So early on we’ll see some high-level stuff, mostly coming out in the first drop, and then after that we will see more and more of a mix of leveling content and elder content coming out in future drops.”

PvP (player versus player) won’t receive anything this update, but the Strain "DevSpeak" video promises something big with the next Ultra Drop.

For more information, visit "Wildstar's" official website here.

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