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‘WildStar’ developers answer adventure questions

The Spellsinger in WildStar
The Spellsinger in WildStar
Carbine Studios

Adventures, those instanced experiences inside a virtual world within the game, are definitely different from dungeons and shiphands in “WildStar.” With all the new information about adventures coming to light, players needed a little clarification on this feature of “WildStar.” A developer cleared some things up on Wednesday in an official post.

The biggest difference between a dungeon and an adventure is the lore behind them. Dungeons are a part of the world in “WildStar.” Adventures are part of a simulation produced by the Caretaker. Dungeons are about combat while adventures let players fight in different ways that the normal combat. Divergent paths are also unique to adventures. Choice is important in an adventure while a dungeon tells a linear story.

Adventuring starts at level 15 and progresses through the leveling process. There are even veteran versions of adventures to prepare players for raiding. Adventures are even repeatable letting players try out new choices of each scenario.

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