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Wildlife's '...On the Heart' will spread like wildfire

What's been on our radar lately? Canadian bands touring in the USA with new albums out. It seems like a quiet Canadian music invasion. One such example is Wildlife. Just earlier this month, on Mar. 3, 2014, they released the recording entitled “...On The Heart”. They will begin touring in April.

The lead singer of Wildlife, Dean Povinsky, explains their new record:

I guess it only makes sense that our new record is about realization. It probably asks more questions than gives answers. The one answer it does give is really nothing new, but it has a lot of meaning to me either way, which is why we call it “…On The Heart”. We view it as an essay, a love letter, a tribute to the heart itself. Everything it does for us, to us, how it helps us and hurts us. How it heals us, holds us up and pushes us forward. It keeps us going, keeps us living and gives us a place to be free. Don’t stop believin’? Follow your dreams? Sure. But it seems to me that the heart is too complex to be summed up in a catchphrase. I think it would be fair to say that this new album was created to try to make a little sense of that complex, mysterious, vital muscle. Maybe with a couple catchphrases thrown in for good measure. We buried our hearts deep inside this thing, and we hope you love it as much as we do.”

The album is available for preview and purchase on the iTunes website. The whole record is beautifully done, but you'll find that the catchy hit single is “Born to Ruin” which has a music video. It features a young couple frolicking around and causing some minor havoc in an woodsy urban area wearing bathrobes and ski masks. We're particularly fond of track five, which is “Don't Fear.” It's a poignant ballad, which pulls at the heart strings. "Lightning Tent" is also a song to look out for.

The band has a cohesive fashion sense. They are typically found wearing all black with colored armbands. We wanted to know more about this and put forth the question, “is it a clever pun on your band name, because sometimes animals (wildlife) are re-released into the wild with bands or chips to track/identify them? Or, is it some kind of reference to the Holocaust? Could it just be that retro punk rock fashion? Perhaps some other homage?” Their unanimous answer was “The uniform reflects the aspect of solidarity within the band, the ritualism of dressing like an army in order to put the focus on the music and it's performance as well as singular fashion choice. That and we were sick of wearing plaid on stage." And there you have it.

Be sure to like them on Facebook and add them on Twitter to get the latest information.

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