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Wildlife: A new west revenge tale


The trailer is beautifully shot. Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) is in the film as Deputy Raymond Hinckley. Lauren Lapkus (Orange is the New Black and House of Lies) is also in the film. I look forward to both their performances. The promise of incredible performances keeps this film high on my radar. It's a look at how one can find themselves in a cage and decide to break out. Inmates in their own hell, chained by heartbreak and loss, Billie Jean and Possum watch each other from their front windows, desperate to shatter the glass, break the cage and roam among the wild.

Whit Hertford (Glee, Raising Hope, Jurassic Park) is an actor we are waiting to hear more from and this is a double punch with him writing the screen play AND acting.

The people of this Springville are all based on the very people of that land. Actual beating hearts. It's not a typical story, and that's the good news. Built on a pledge to be honest, it's unique in that it follows a strict adherence to do away with tropes or formulas. This new west revenge tale is a story that I believe the people of Utah, and the golden Americans found in rural towns scattered across the country, not only can relate to, but want to hear. Soon." - Whit Hertford, screenwriter

By supporting this fresh new film, you could get Executive producer credits, a walk on role in the film ( the my personal favorite perk) , Associate Producer included on IMDB, box sets, wrap party invite, posters, and a blue-ray.

I give this project an A because you can tell this film already had a mood and a feel to it. It's to being finished but also it's going to be a good project. It's well thought through and the perks make sense.

You can support the film here on Kickstarter

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