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Wildflowers of Pisgah Forest

Wild Geranium.
Wild Geranium.
Dan Goodwin

With more than 400 miles of trails in Pisgah National Forest, there are plenty of vistas, streams and waterfalls to engage any photographer. Care must be taken not to miss nature’s most colorful displays – the wildflowers.

There are reasons the wildflowers get left out of the trip album. They tend to generally be small and/or low to the ground; most often off the trail. That means that the hike must take on a different emphasis. No longer is it just a destination hike where you need to get to the next destination or photo opportunity as quickly as you can. It becomes an exploratory ramble where you slow down and pay attention to all aspects of the mountain environment: geology, terrain, trees and bushes, insects, animals, and the wildflowers.

The slideshow here contains flowers that were found in mid-May along several of the Pisgah trails. In this group, the most unexpected were Vasey's Trillium, which were growing near the base of Twin Falls.

The slide show also contains: