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Wildflower Bridal Bouquets

Wildflower Bridal Bouquet
Wildflower Bridal Bouquet
Brian Kraft

Now, I've written about this before on our blog, but Brian Kraft did a great job of capturing one of the most requested styles of bouquets that we get. Wildflower Bridal Bouquets.

We don't use real wildflowers, it's illegal to pick them. We order varying styles of flowers and create a "look" more than anything. We use the color palette of the bride, and take that into consideration, but we do use commercially cultivated flowers that add to the look. Delphinium is one example.

Bridal bouquets come in many different styles and looks, and some retro looks are coming back in, and that includes the cascading style of bouquet. There are no rules anymore when it comes to bridal bouquets.

And, we've even had some brides that have chosen no bridal bouquet because both arms would be held by two Dads. Your wedding, your choice.

Please contact us to learn more about crafting a one-of-a-kind bridal bouquet for your destination wedding in the mountains of Colorado.

Today's brides start by looking at our portfolio, blog and social profiles to get ideas of the work we've done. They always seem to ask that. "Can we see pictures of your work?" Why yes, yes you can.

And you can too, by going to our website right now and looking around, making a collection of favorites and then contact us to get started. Or, if you know exactly what you want and want to create your own bridal bouquet, you can do that now too.

We offer a "pampered DIY" service that allows you to order the stems you need to create your own wedding flowers. But, remember, everything takes time, and do you really want to be doing work like that when all your friends and family are in town? If so, it could be a lot of fun with the right team. Thanks for reading!

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