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WildCat robot: Bizarre looking, 50 mph robot eerily gallops and roams freely

The WildCat by DARPA is a free-roaming quadruped robot that looks eerily alive and will soon reach speeds of up to 50 mph. There’s no doubt about it if you saw this giant robotic alien-like WildCat coming at you, without knowing that it is a new technology creation from this planet, you’d run.

Widcat robots by Boston Dynamics look like an alien species invading!
Boston Dynamics/ YouTube screen shot

According to Extreme Tech on Oct 4, Boston Dynamics created this WildCat, as a much improved version of their past creations. After seeing what they can do, you would most likely agree that they would serve with great purpose in the military.

One of the most bizarre looking robots is the WildCat, as it has a galloping gate. It has movements that you have only seen on robots in Science Fiction movies up until now. This early version of the Wildcat is capable of going up to 16 mph, but the new and improved future version is expected to reach 50 mph.

Up until recently the Boston Dynamics' creations had to stay hooked up to hydraulic lines to work, but not anymore. The WildCat is untethered and roams the land freely. The robots coming out of Boston Dynamics seem to mimic movements of living things, the gate that's used can be seen in different animals in nature. They also seem to demonstrate some of the movements seen in humans, like that of a jogger.

Much like the other robots from Boston Dynamics, they would best suit the military because of the jobs they are capable of doing.The BullDog LS3, which started life as a tethered robot, now waddles free and is capable of carrying up to 400 pounds across rough terrain. This would allow much needed supplies to go along with foot troops.

The WildCat, which is designed to reach speeds of 50 mph, can be used to run supplies to the front lines. The WildCat could also be a new wave of suicide bombers if it is dressed in bombs and sent running into the target to explode, suggests Extreme Tech. Because it is so fast and seemingly agile, maybe it could be designed to whisk away the wounded and out of harm’s way on the front lines during a battle.

Even in the civilian world these new robotic creations could do many jobs in the future, not to mention law enforcement applications. BullDog is designed for torque and stability, making it a perfect pack mule. WildCat is designed for speed, it can get in and out of all kinds of situations faster than humans on foot.

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