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WIld times in Lewiston


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This weekend is the 24th annual wildlife festival. The festival is from Saturday, September 26th till Sunday, September 26th; both days are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and runs rain or shine. It’s being held at the Niagara Power Vista, 5777 Lewiston Rd (route 104) in Lewiston, NY and there’s free admission and parking! It’s a great way to get kids involved in wildlife conservation and to help them learn more about the animal life around us.
The festival includes several types of wildlife among Western NY and activities. Through out both the days you can see birds of prey, primate sanctuary, reptiles, the Buffalo zoomobile, wildlife conservation activities, a fishing pond, arts and crafts, energy saving tips and refreshments. It’s a time to look at what we can do for the wildlife. There are over 50 interactive exhibits to help us explore options for improving our planet. While you’re there you can take in the amazing view that Buffalonians forget we have. Along the whole entire Niagara gorge there’s tons of wildlife we don’t think about. Take the time to come see this festival and what we can offer to Niagara county and our planet.
For more information please visit the website below or call (716) 286-6661.