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'Wild Sweet Love' ballet dancers speak on love

Wing and Keane will perform in Wild Sweet Love trio
Wing and Keane will perform in Wild Sweet Love trio
Sacramentno Ballet

The Sacramento Ballet will be bringing Wild Sweet Love to life Feb. 13th through 16th with their triple bill performance featuring a full cast of experienced dancers aiming to embody the various aspects of love. With ten years dancing experience, Karen Wing is set to perform in Trey McIntyre’s Wild Sweet Love with one of her Valentine favorites being the wedding march. Wing states that, "I try to channel all of the excitement and love that is in the air at a real wedding into my performance. Although no one actually gets married in the ballet, I think our dancing truly embodies how love can be both wild and sweet."

Wing is just one among an entire Sacramento Ballet cast that has been practicing with full heart and heat in order to prepare for the upcoming Valentine month performances. Rather than purchasing a traditional and perhaps excessively typical gift for one's Valentine, Wing says that taking "your special someone" to the ballet can be a "classy" alternative over flowers, chocolates and jewelry. For those who aren't usually drawn to ballet or have a narrow idea of what it entails, a new perspective is made possible with the triple billing including contemporary music and a broad range of love themes.

The finale of the Wild Sweet Love piece will actually be paired with the music of Queen with dancers like Wing "rocking out" via dance. Dances will also be choreographed to the music of Roberta Flack, Lou Reed and Mendelssohn and embrace the many faces of love from matrimony to puppy love and "deeply felt emotion." This "beautiful and deeply moving" piece will be followed by Edwaard Liang's Wunderland which was a "run-away hit of the 2011 Modern Masters season. Wunderland features a dozen dancers and is an "exotic, erotic piece, revealing the frustration of a couple deeply bound, though unable to connect."

The third piece by Ma Cong, "one of the most sought after choreographers in the nation, takes aim with Cupid’s bow to create a fresh new look at love with a World Premiere." Dylan Keane, dedicated ballet dancer of eight years, looks forward to performing in Cong's Acceptance with one of his favorite aspects being the process of translating music into movement. According to Keane, the piece "shows all the levels of love that we go through in life, from heartbreak to passion overflowing." His greatest challenge is "executing the movement as precise as possible without losing the intention and passion that the choreographers were seeking." The challenge is well met by a dancer who says he is Wild with friends, Sweet with his loves, and aims to Love all that he can because "its the only thing worth living for in this life."

Performances at the Community Center Theater will run on Feb. 13, 14 and 15 at 7:30 p.m. and Feb. 16 final performance at 2:00 p.m. Ticket information can be found at the official Sacramento Ballet webpage here. Please see the continuation of the Sacramento Ballet dancers' personal perspective on Wild Sweet Love here.