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Wild Pokemon appear on Google Maps: Here's where to catch them

Earlier today, Time reported that Andriod and Iphone users have been treated to random Pokemon encounters when entering Google Maps as Google's annual April Fool's Day joke. A promotional video from Google claims that those who catch all 150 Pokemon will be considered for the company's new position of “Pokemon Master.”

Pokelogic: Because reality is boring

To begin catching Pokemon, open Google Maps on an Andriod device or IPhone. Tap the search bar, and a drop down menu appears with the options, “Return to Pokemon Lab” or “View Pokedex.” Tap “Return to Pokemon Lab,” and you are whisked off to Google HQ in Mountain View, California. Where several Pokemon are waiting to be captured. Although there are 150 Pokemon in all to catch in Maps, Pokefans will quickly notice that it is not the original 150.

***Spoilers ahead***

Get a head-start on your Pokemon collection by throughly exploring the area near Google HQ, more than 20 are lurking nearby. Appropriately, Tokyo hosts several Pokemon (including Pikachu) and Sydney, Australia is also overrun.

Other places to check: The Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, Mount Everest, The Golden-gate Bridge, The Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls, The White House, Moscow, and Dublin.

A complete list of all of the Pokemon and their locations can be found here including a special Pokemon that only appears after catching all 150.

Happy Hunting!

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