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Wild horse advocates push for moratorium on roundups



  • WildHorse Anni 6 years ago

    From its inception in 1971, the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) and the U.S. Forest Service's (FS) Wild Horse and Burro Program has failed to protect horses and burros in their charge.  Instead, the BLM has operated in a manner that promotes the interests of livestock grazing operations over those of wild horses and burros.   Wild horses and burros have been managed based on political considerations rather than on sound scientific management policies.  As a result, wild horse and burro populations and their herd areas have dramatically declined in number and size to the point that many herds are no longer self-sustaining and genetically viable. At the same time, livestock, which vastly outnumber horses and burros, remain on the public lands causing serious environmental degradation.  Federal livestock (PRIVATE WELFARE CATTLE )grazing programs cost us 1 BILLION $
    a year !

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