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Wild and wooly resolutions for those considered disabled

How many of your resolutions have you broken already? That many? Perhaps it's time to replace those entries on the list you know you will never do and replace them with activities that you know will really make a difference, like these:


Yes, transport is a pain for the disabled and the winter only makes it worse. If you have access to this column, however, you have access to volunteering for a worthy cause or two online, or perhaps by phone if you have one. If you'd rather, give a few hours a week or month to an organization that supports your particular situation. Any other ideas? Make a comment below about agencies and groups you like.


Many artistic endeavors are relatively cheap, and some are practically free. Making art from found items is a good way to start, and a coupple of sheets of paper and a pencil won't set you back much. Again, if you're accessing this, you probably have a way to access free computer programs you can use to write, create visuals, compose and perform, and getting your work out there is also relatively cheap. Even self-publishing is practically free (some online services only ask you to buy a proof copy of the finished work for a few bucks). Go for it.


Local park districts and other low-cost providers of courses (including church organizations, some colleges and universities, neighborhood centers) offer courses in languages, the arts, and home crafts that are both affordable and accessible.


Help in someone else's journey to sobriety, literacy, survival or sanityl one-on-one. Of course, it's probably best and safer for everyone to go through an agency for training and referral. But a long talkk over a cup of coffee with a longtime friend in need is part of being a real friend. And as a real friend, you know when someone is hurting and needs to talk.


Maybe it's time to think seriously about what you used to believe, what you now believe, and what you will believe. Have you turned away because some stupid or misinformed person bothered you? Are you dissatisfied because what you believe has been associated with scandal or pain? Look close, look hard, and talk with people who know about how spirituality and disability interrelate within faith systems. You are going to be surprised.

Sum Stuff Up

If you're not a list-maker or much of a self-reporter, or even if you are, just stay still for a few moments and come up with ONE sentence that describes who you are right now, and why. As a matter of fact, you might start your new resolutions by doing that. Right now.


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