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Wilco (The Magazine Cover Slideshow)

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of Wilco (The Band) let’s take a look back at the times the Chicago group has made the front cover of a major magazine.

Wilco front man Jeff Tweedy on the front cover of the German version of Rolling Stone (Aug-Sept. 2011).
Rolling Stone (Germany)

Although Wilco has not appeared on the cover of the most popular of all rock music mags, Rolling Stone, front man Jeff Tweedy’s mug was featured on the cover of the German version of the long running rock magazine (Aug-Sept. 2011), as you can see in the first picture of our slideshow.

It should be noted that even though they weren’t pictured, Wilco has been mentioned on the cover of the iconic magazine several times over the years. The earliest mention was issue 747 (November 14, 1996) with cover girl Sheryl Crow that featured a black square hovering in the right hand corner that contained a four star rating for ”Wilco: Being There.”

The next year, Wilco (their name only) appeared in a list of artists on the sideline of a Howard Stern cover (#756, March 20, 1997), and on issue #1027 adorned by Keith Richards & Johnny Depp (May 31, 2007).

Rolling Stone’s biggest rival, Spin, featured a red Nudie-suited Tweedy taken by photographer Francesco Carrozzini on their August 2009 issue, for the cover story “The Pains and Pleasures of Wilco” by Jon Dolan.

Also like their competitor, Spin has had cover mentions of the band in the sidelines of their since the ‘90s as well.

The alternative-themed Magnet, a music magazine not as well known as Rolling Stone or Spin, has had three Wilco-related covers. The Jan/Feb 2000 issue featured the four member line-up of Jay Bennett, Tweedy, Ken Coomer, and John Stirratt, photographed standing in a overgrown field by Christian Landry with the title: “Wilco: American Beauty.”

Tweedy alone sat on the floor of what looked like it was backstage somewhere in the Jun/Jul 2002 issue of Magnet with the title “Jeff Tweedy of Wilco: Gimme Shelter” (also taken by Christian Landry).

Their last appearance on a Magnet cover was in 2011 promoting The Whole Love in issue #81. Under a cloudy Chicago sky, Glenn Kotche, Pat Sansone, Stirratt, Tweedy, Michel Jorgensen, and Nels Cline are captured by the camera of Drew Reynolds on Sept. 9th, 2011. The cover's title: “Wilco: Jeff Tweedy And Co. Are No Longer Trying To Break Your Heart.” The accompanying article was written by Althea Legaspi.

The other magazine covers featuring Wilco in the slideshow:

Jeff Tweedy on the cover of Harp (“Jeff Tweedy on Recovery, Reconstruction, & Wilco’s Future,” July/August 2004)

The Big Take-Over (Issue No. 55, 2004)

Relix: “Wilco’s American Exceptionalism” (November 2011)

Blurt: “Wilco: American’s Greatest Band? Yep.” (Winter 2011)

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