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Wilco playing at the DECC Arena

Wilco, a band based in Chicago, Illinois is going to be performing on Friday, Feb. 19 2010. Their music consists of heavy, steady beats that you can't help but tap your feet or bop your head to. The lyrics and melodies leave you feeling beautifully nostalgic, and begging for another song. Their music brings you back to a day when things were more simple. Each of the members taste bring together a genre all of it's own- combining country, folk, rock, and jazz, it's difficult to put Wilco into one definite genre due to their unique sound.  Tweedy, the lead singer and guitarist once said, "It was eye-opening that I wasn't the only person that felt like these worlds had a lot more in common than they'd been given credit for—that experimentation and avant-garde theory was not directly opposed to beauty, y'know?" (Mulvey, John (May 2002). "Pet Sounds". Uncut.)

One thing to note, which makes Wilco stand out lyrically, is their way of formulating their lyrical structure. They form them with "cadavre exquis"  (Valania, Jonathan (June 2002). "Heroes and Villains". Magnet.) which is where each member contributes a line, while only being able to see one line written before. This creative approach has formed one of Wilco's leading characteristics within their music.

When I checked on the website "" the prices for a ticket ranged from $49 to $120 dollars. This will be a fantastic show, and is an opportunity that you will not want to miss out on. Whether you already know and love Wilco, or if you are simply looking for new music- be sure to attend Wilco at the Decc on Feb. 19, 2010.


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