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Wil Wheaton delivers heartwarming monologue to girl about being called a nerd

On March 31 Hollywood Life shares a video that has gone viral of the 2013 Denvier Comic Con where Wil Wheaton delivers a heartwarming monologue to a little girl about being called a nerd. The "Big Bang Theory" actor shares that while he was called a nerd when he was a little boy because he liked math, science, and reading you should never apologize for the things that you like because they make you who you are.

In Wheaton's monologue, he explains to the little girl that no matter how badly she's bullied for being a nerd, it won't ever get any easier to deal with, especially when you're surrounded by the same people all the time in school, but it really isn't about her at all, it's about the ones bullying her. Whether they didn't get positive reinforcement from their parents, they were forced into doing something they didn't want to do, or they are just unhappy with themselves, it's not about her, it's about them being unhappy with themselves and wanting to make her feel just as unhappy as they are.

The end of his monologue is likely the best part of it all where he reminds the little girl and the whole audience that while they stand there, they are surrounded by 50,000 people that have all been called nerds, that have and are doing pretty well for themselves. This is obviously true, as Wil Wheaton has made a living being a nerd either on "Star Trek," or on his newest project, "The Big Bang Theory" which he makes regular appearances as himself.

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