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Wii U schedule released with games from now to 2015

The Wii U will look to have a big holiday season with these upcoming releases
The Wii U will look to have a big holiday season with these upcoming releases

With some of their big games on their way, Nintendo went ahead and tweeted out a schedule of their planned Wii U releases yesterday and with it came some once unknown information.

The list gave away some information that was not quite confirmed as it let fans know that the new Star Fox game is on its way and will be in the hands of Wii U owners sometime in 2015. Some other popular games out of E3 were confirmed to receive releases in the early part of 2015 with Splatoon, Yoshi's Wooly World and Mario Maker highlighting the list.

Two other games just barely shown off at E3 this year were Project Guard and Project Giant Robot. These two Shigeru Miyamoto projects were rumored to just be early demos for Star Fox, but now we know that they will be their own games.

Now the biggest game on the list is none other than Super Smash Bros. It was already known that the game would be coming out for the holiday season, but seeing it up on the list just makes the hype grow a little bigger. It will no doubt be a huge release for Nintendo as they will look to capitalize on the holiday rush by selling some systems.

Rounding out the list was The Legend of Zelda, which still doesn't have an actual title. While it may be up there with a 2015 release it would be far from shocking if it happened to get delayed.

With all the big titles coming up the Wii U will look to get a huge boost in sales. It's now or never for the console, and with a schedule like this it seems as if the system will be more than okay.

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