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Wii U makes a comeback

Mario Cheers Little Gamers
Mario Cheers Little Gamers
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On Jun 16, Gamespot revealed that the Wii U has increased sales 85% in April and 90% in May, over the corresponding months this previous year. The increase for this past month niched Nintendo approximately 60,000 units for the month of May (Wii U Up 90%). In addition, Mario Kart 8 gained the number two spot on the top ten video games sold. This news comes as relief to Nintendo employees, whose sales for the Wii U were shockingly low since its release in late 2012, trailing behind the PS3 and Xbox 360 and equating the sales of its predecessor, the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo’s Wii U sales had a 30% drop in sales over the last nine months of 2013.

The bleak sales numbers drove Nintendo President, Saruto Iwata to slash his salary in half for six months, while other Nintendo employees took a 20%-30% pay cut in January of this year. When asked if Iwata would continue his pay cut, he said “I will make a decision after looking at the management decision at the time.” However, the increase in sales could encourage Iwata and other Nintendo employees to discontinue their pay docks (Nintendo President Halves Salary).

Some people attributed the console’s lackluster sales to the 2011 Japanese earthquake (Japanese Earthquake May Have Hurt Wii U Sales). Nintendo officials hoped that release of some of their mainstream games would give their sales a boost. However, games such as: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker, Super Mario 3D World and New Super Luigi U have not yielded desired results in sales. On the other, more recent games such as: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Mario Cart 8 could possibly attribute to Wii U’s recent and future sales increases.

This year’s E3 revealed some upcoming releases for Wii U fans. Such games include: Zelda Wii U, Star Fox, Mario Maker and Super Smash Brothers for the console.

The Wii U has been touted as Nintendo’s first video game console with high definition graphics. Another unique feature of the Wii U is its game tablet controller, which allows gamers to continue game play if someone else in the house wants to change the channel or watch a movie.