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Wii U is finally getting 'SteamWorld Dig' at the end of August

SteamWorld Dig
Image & Form

Last year, Image & Form released SteamWorld Dig for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system. and was extremely well-received from critics all over the web. Eventually, the game became so popular that an HD port was released for Steam and PS4. Today, Image & Form has finally announced via Twitter that a Wii U version of the game has been in development and is going to be released before the end of August. This is fantastic news for Wii U owners who have been waiting patiently for the fantastic things the game has to offer.

Since the game is finally being released for more systems over time, more players can experience the risky yet rewarding gameplay. Every environment is randomly generated and full of wacky obstacles. The variety of items are massive as well. After you've been addicted to the game for a few weeks or so, you'll realize that the game is truly meant to be played on Nintendo systems.

The release is also good for Nintendo. Since the Wii U console was deemed "dead" by critics and analysts, it's good to know that the system is finally getting some support. Mario Kart 8 basically brought the system back to life when it was released in May, and SteamWorld Dig is basically going to become a necessity to anybody's Wii U collection. Also, with games like Super Smash Bros. and Hyrule Warriors on the way this year, the Wii U is far from being dead. Let's all hope that Nintendo continues to put in effort to gain more and more third-party support.

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