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Wii Sports Club Hands On

Wii Sports Club is just as much fun as the original
Wii Sports Club is just as much fun as the original
Philip Spadanuta

When Nintendo first released the Wii system it came bundled with the game Wii Sports, a collection of five different sports (Bowling, Boxing, Tennis, Golf and Baseball) designed to show off the capabilities of their new system and the motion controls that went along with it.

Wii Sports is back and better than ever
Philip Spadanuta

Upon its release the Wii was a huge commercial success and Nintendo has Wii Sports and the fun that went along with it to thank for that. Gamers and non gamers from around the world were having a blast competing against their friends and family and some even practiced religiously in hopes of achieving bragging rights.

Needless to say Nintendo noticed how popular Wii Sports was, so they decided to re-release the title on the Wii U. Now called Wii Sports Club, Wii U owners can relive their first experience with the Wii console except now with HD graphics and with a few improvements made to the original game.

The most noticeable of these improvements being Online play. Now you can compete with gamers from around the world from the comfort of your own living room. This also eliminates the need to get four people together in the same room to play a sport with the max amount of players. Enjoying a heated tennis match or a game of bowling friends and relatives that don't live near you is now possible.

With my limited time with the game, the match making worked well. Finding an opponent was quick and took no longer than a couple of minutes. I played with people in Texas and Virginia and the connections between our games was strong with a few hiccups here and there, nothing major enough to affect gameplay negatively.

As of this writing there are only three of the five sports available to play with the other two on their way. Bowling, Tennis and Golf were all available and I had fun with each. Tennis and Golf felt identical to the way I remember them being in the original Wii Sports, while Bowling felt slightly different due to the improved motion tracking of the Wii Motion Plus remote. This may be upsetting to some because it doesn't work exactly the way it used to and getting strikes will take some adjustment. You shouldn't fear though, because after a few minutes I was hitting strikes pretty consistently.

There is one more improvement that Nintendo specifically made to Golf in the use of the Wii U Gamepad, which is now set on the floor in front of you and gives you a view of the golf ball you are about to hit as you set up your shot. This adds a new depth to the game and makes playing Golf feel slightly more life-like. I thought it improved the experience mainly because it shows you how your shots are angled as you twist your body.

Overall I had a lot of fun getting back into the Wii Sports groove. Tennis was the most fun out of the three games and I got addicted again very quickly. Bowling was an easy 2nd while Golf was my least favorite and bored me after a couple of games.

There really is no reason for Wii U owners not to at least try out Wii Sports Club. The game is automatically downloaded after setting up an internet connection on the Wii U and Nintendo has even given a free 24 hour demo period for Wii U owners to play the game with no restrictions and without paying any money.

For those who enjoy Wii Sports Club, each sport has a Club pass available to purchase on the Nintendo eShop for $9.99 which provides unlimited access to an individual sport. So for around $30 you can own all that is available currently in Wii Sports club and play to your heart's content. I think the price is more than reasonable considering how fun these games are to play and with the added element of online play the choice is a no brainer, especially if you are a Wii Sports junkie.

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