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Wii needs a WEE makeover

Things a WEE wonders after seeing these pictures...I wonder if a WEE was involved in this project or was it designed primarily by gamers?
Things a WEE wonders after seeing these pictures...I wonder if a WEE was involved in this project or was it designed primarily by gamers?
Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images

So, when’s the last time you played Wii? If you are like many of the millions of people who flocked to purchase this innovative system in 2006, your $300 Wii system is sitting collecting dust. It’s understandable though, and it’s not all your fault.

Play more, move more and better

Wii ex-exergamers

In this suffering world where so many lament the hardships of barely surviving, to make a play for playing Wii is seriously laughable. Who has time to have fun? And playing with a video game is not really socially acceptable either to your immediate peers or family. You become a lone player, occasionally convincing someone to play with you, and then, even you lose the will to play Wii, to get up and move and have fun.

WEE makeover strategy – Build your own support system

Introduce a support system for serious Wii exergamers by starting your own players team/club. Check out your local recreation center, library or fitness center and see if they have a system and train there with your team. Playing Wii may look like it’s all about play but it is also an effective way to socialize, network and learn how to play nicely with others.

Team plays to prove Wii benefits

Pick a game for your team to learn to play proficiently. You must play a game, consistently, for extended periods of time, with focus and an open mind. Study the game as if you were going to teach others how to play it, because that is going to happen.

Remember this, the Wii is largely unexplored and under-experimented with. Who has dedicated their research dollars to studying the Wii system and its exergames such as Wii Fit Plus? After years of wii-search this WEE still has only scratched the surface of the ‘gold standard’ of exergames. Wii needs more wii-search and exergamers to experiment on.

Declare yourself a WEE

Become a proficient exergamer of specific games. Prove first to yourself that playing this game demonstrating the techniques you developed while wii-searching provide a safe way to exercise and a great way to play.

Demonstrate and share your skills with others, because there are millions of Wii owners waiting to become Wii exergamers once again. Once we build our international Wii Exergamer Network, we will then be able to declare to all: "Let the exergames begin!"

Glossary of terms

  • WEE – Wii Exergaming Expert
  • Exergaming – playing video games with the goal of simultaneously gaming and exercising.
  • Exergamer(s) – one who plays video games with the goal of exercising while simultaneously being entertained and motivated to move by the game

Entertaining Exergamers

Seniors get their virtual game on

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