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Wii Essentials part one: Platformers



  • terryxlr 6 years ago

    NiGHTS Journey of Dreams. That counts, right?

  • Dopple Boppler 6 years ago

    No Klonoa? Booooo

  • WesFX 6 years ago

    Klonoa of course, Death Jr. (though it does have a big focus on shooting....), do the Kororinpa games count? You're never really solving puzzles in those games, and the main focus is moving you character to a goal...I guess if Super Monkey Ball would count, then Kororinpa would, too. Platformers have sort of mixed with other gameplay/genre elements in these days...

    de Blob is another fun one.

  • CoffeewithGames 6 years ago

    I haven't played many on the Wii, but I would put New Super Mario Bros. Wii above Super Mario Galaxy.

    I'm interested in a couple though, Mushroom Men and Ratatouille.

  • CoffeewithGames 6 years ago

    FORGOT! I have played LostWinds(the first one) and I thought it was a really refreshing game. I thought the price was great, the graphics were great, and the game-play elements and use of the Wii remote were all done extremely well.

  • WesFX 6 years ago

    I knew I forgot some WiiWare stuff; Chronos Twins DX (though I haven't played it) looks excellent. MegaMan 9 of course (though I don't really like the games anymore, since the MegaMan series has evolved a lot), and NyxQuest is right up there with LostWinds.

  • Carl B. 6 years ago

    Thanks for your input!

    I was trying to keep it to two games per each section, but that'll have to change once more great platformers. And once that happens, I might as well add games like the Klonoa remake into the Hidden Gems section.

    @Wes FX- I totally forgot de Blob existed. I've never played the Wii version, but the PC version was pretty good.

  • jake 5 years ago

    Super Mario galaxy 2 is so cool

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