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WIGS: A young Atlanta woman’s heady destiny

WIGS message
WIGS message

Yes it is WIGS: An acronym that God spoke into young Myonna Wingfield’s life early one February morning in 2013. It simply means: What Is God Saying? This young woman has a lot to say as she imparts to her generation. Although she is only 21 year of age chronologically, Myonna is mature beyond her years, a fact that is noted by many people she encounters.

Myonna Wingfield

Her generation or Generation X (particularly ages ranging from 14 to 25+) is her main focus. However, anyone who has ears to hear, so to speak, can also be impacted by her messages inspired by what God is saying to His people at this time. Myonna states WIGS is focused on all popular media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Keek.

When asked what she sees as her calling from God, Myonna answers: “Honestly, I know I am called to be a leader of the future. Many wanted to label me with a title, but I am reminded of the Word (Bible) which tells us that Jesus was without reputation, so I too, am without reputation. I am not limiting the Spirit of God and what He can do through me, for me, and to me.”

Myonna shares that both her mom and grandmother (G’ma) have influenced her. God used both parties to teach principles of prayer, tithing/offering, fruits of the Spirit, and Biblical icons and heroes. She was taught about creating a relationship with Jesus Christ not just in religion but an understanding of Christ and the significance of Jesus Christ’s purpose on earth.

It would appear that one so young would have difficulty relating to her peers on such a spiritual level. Myonna addressed this situation with these words: “At times it can become very difficult due to my level of faith. The audience of WIGS would prefer to see and hear an encouraging, uplifting word from God, but I prayed to God in my earlier years that I would do and say whatever HE wants me to say and do. So, I am challenged to pray earnestly and fast and just cry out to God asking for His mercy and grace upon His people.”

With that said she adds that when someone or something comes out as negative she counters with a smile. She states that once someone said to her that her smile has an anointing to heal. Myonna shares that “Where the anointing is present, it destroys yokes and removes burdens, so I will choose to be saturated in the anointing and glory of God.” Minister Myonna Wingfield concludes that business wise for WIGS, she would like for many to receive physical wigs and also receive spiritual wigs. Her goal being that all people leave her presence filled (with the presence of God) not because of her but what God can do through her.

Staying Fly In The Spirit is her working slogan.