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Wigging Out Over Weaves!

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for EJAF


Let's talk about hair today. I don't care what nationality or color you are, or even if you are a man. We love to change our hair with the times and trends. Not everyone is born with fabulous natural hair, so they get a little help sometimes from a wig and weave beauty store. Not everyone that wears a weave or a wig needs to, it is just for convenience for some and celebrities where it for fashion and to look more glamorous than the girl next door.

Sometimes women just want a temporary new look without drastically cutting their hair. Maybe you have thin hair and need extensions to make it look fuller; after all it is your hair if you bought it. It is like wearing makeup you just want to enhance what you have. I don't feel there is anything wrong with either a wig or weave if it is done tastefully. Now a stripper may get the hair really long for the fantasy she is trying to portray. If you are a nine to five girl, get something more natural and professional.

Some people only like natural hair and think that weaves and wigs are just not their taste. Creative people just want to get the look that they like or need. You will see Brittney Spears wearing her short natural hair when she is not performing most of the time and people do not say anything about that look. I guess if you are in the entertainment business it is more acceptable.

Here we go again it depends on where you live and your lifestyle that this might be more accepted. If you live in a cosmopolitan big city a lot of people are use to seeing all types of looks and there for may not see it as a problem. If you are a hairdresser and you color your hair every other month or add extensions no one has a problem at the salon because they all do it and understand that you do it because you are a creative person. That is one thing I miss about working at a salon or being in the entertainment field, I can just be myself. When I work the nine to five job, you have to conform and look more conservative, which makes me not so happy even if I need to wear my own hair conservatively. I guess you have to find the job where you can be yourself, oops! I guess some people think that wearing a wig or weave is not being you.

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