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Wife's reaction to Tim Tebow trade to New York Jets

photo of Tim Tebow from fotopedia creative commons
photo of Tim Tebow from fotopedia creative commons
OPEN Sports on flickr

I told my wife that the Denver Broncos traded Tim Tebow to the New York Jets. I wish it had been to the Dallas Cowboys who play in Arlington, and I wish I had recorded her reaction on video. Here is how the dialog went just moments ago.

My wonderful wife immediately asked: “Can they do that?” “Doesn't that hurt Tim Tebow's feelings?”

I laughed out loud, doubting the owners of these teams consider a player's feelings like they consider the big bucks and the bottom line, yet I thought that she might be right. Maybe it did hurt his feelings.

I informed her that they can trade players depending on the contract they are under.

“Well I don't like it!” “I wouldn't wanna be in his position.” “Trading around humans … it's like a chess game … it's like trading something for a new model.”

Or in this case an older model.

“Is Pate Manning a good player?”

Well, they offered him a 5 year contract for $96 million dollars.

“Do you think his girlfriend makes that much – Taylor Swift?”

My mind spins in too many directions for words.

“They make a cute couple ... I hope they get married … Isn't she a Christian?”

Men, women, and football. There is some overlap, but the ends of this Venn Diagram are further apart than we realize.
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