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Wife of LA Clippers owner sues mistress for money he spent on her

The wife of Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling is suing his mistress for all of the money he’s spent on her. Rochelle Sterling has been married to Donald for the last 50 years. Rochelle claims that Donald has spent millions on his girlfriend of the last four years, Vanessa Stiviano, 38, and she wants the money back.

Rochelle Sterling sued her husband's mistress for the return of millions in gifts.

According to the lawsuit documents, Rochelle Sterling claims that she is “a married woman seeking to protect and recover community property in her individual capacity.” The lawsuit alleges that Donald Sterling is using their community funds to lavish numerous gifts on Stiviano who he is openly dating. Rochelle also claims that Stiviano is using five different aliases.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the gifts Rochelle Sterling is suing for are $1.8 million for a downtown L.A. apartment, $240,000 in living expenses, a Ferrari, two Bentleys and a Range Rover. Stiviano has made no secret that her married lover spends millions on her often times posting pictures of his gifts on her Instragram account.

Attorney Mac Nehoray said in the Times that once a gift is given, it can’t be revoked and that there isn’t a “peppercorn of a fact” that any fraud or undue influence was committed.

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