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Wife and son abandoned by husband, homeless 2010

Wife and son abandoned, homeless 2010
Wife and son abandoned, homeless 2010

While many people are concentrating on keeping their New Year's resolutions, newly single mother faces eviction and homelessness after husband abandons family for another woman. She wishes to remain anonymous, but wants to tell her powerful story.

2009, bore a rough ending for newly single mother and 2010 hasn't gotten much better. The mother who wishes to remain anonymous, says her husband left her and her then three year old for another woman in June of 2009. "He went to work one day and never came back," she says. "It all just happened so fast, I wanted to help my baby heal, it takes so much energy to pick up the pieces after your heart has been shattered."

She didn't see it coming, they had their ups and downs like any married couple, but this was far fetched. Her husband had asked her not to work, but stay home and home-school their son. When he left, she had to begin searching for work immediately. She has an extensive work history, yet finding employment was not an easy task for the 31 year-old. She found a job for a short period of time, but found that her lack of support system made it impossible to work past her child's school hours. As her child has medical conditions that many after school programs are not equipped to handle. She was forced to leave her job after being there just shy of a month. "I had to pick up my son by a certain time everyday, My family member that lives here was not in a position to help me, so I had to leave work several times and that did not make my employer happy."

Shortly after her husband left, she found that he had not paid any of the bills for months and the mortgage was almost six months behind. She was forced to move in September, after receiving a seven-day notice. With the assistance of her family member and a local agency she moved into an apartment, the one she is being evicted out of now. The finance company also said the truck note had not been paid in several months and they were going to pick up the truck. With help from her church, she was able to pay enough money to stop the repossession on the truck.

In the past she had been responsible for the finances, but her husband complained of not being the "man of the house" and wanted to take control. She wanted to be the "submissive wife" she had learned about in church and in the Bible, and she let her husband take care of all the finances and the major decisions for the family. "It was freeing at the time," she continued, "I was able to focus my attention on my husband, our child and my education. I had no idea that he had hidden motives."

When people ask why she allowed this to happen, she replies, "I had no idea that I would lose my job, that my husband would leave us, that I wouldn't be able to home-school our child like we had planned. I have to remain positive. My school money has been very helpful in keeping me afloat, but I know it's been God keeping me going." "I have to smile and constantly show my child that everything is alright and is going to be alright. He misses his dad and wants to know why we had to move out of our house. I keep everything neutral for him. I tell him that his dad loves him, even though I wonder if that is really true. He knows that we are struggling and he has not helped us in any way since July, 2009."

She says she wants what is best for her husband, who suffers from mental illness and alcoholism. She doesn't hold any ill feelings toward him and she wanted him to be a father to their son. She has emails showing visits set up that the father missed repeatedly. "I can't make him be a father, I couldn't make him be a husband either."

How does a parent who is forced to live in survival mode constantly, raise happy healthy children? "It takes a lot of prayer, and reading God's Word. I don't know where I would be if I didn't believe in God. Last year was hard for us, this year seems to be hard as well, but there is a peace that comes with believing in the Lord," she says with tears in her eyes and a sincerity that can not be mistaken as anything other than faith. She is also a full time student at a Christian university and hopes to graduate in just a few short months. "I hate to have to give up my education, I'm so close to finishing my BA in Psychology. I am still searching for work, I've signed up with the JOBS program here in Huntsville and I've been on several interviews so far. I'm waiting to hear from my school's student assistance program. I'm doing all that I can to be in a position to support my child again, this is all so new to me. I have never had to go without food or shelter without knowing where my next meal will come from. I want a job, not a handout. I have a degree already and I want to work. I don't know what the problem is."

If she is forced to move, she will be moving with a friend up north. "It's not the ideal situation, I love my friend and she is a God send. I don't know where we are going to end up, but I know that God wouldn't allow it if He didn't think I could handle it."

This story has so much more to it, but this is the meat of it. A single parent, still showing her child love under such harsh conditions, while suffering the loss of a loved one. It is a difficult place to be in, especially when there is no one around that can help. The economy is getting better, that's what they say anyway, but stories like this are far too common. When it seems like all options have been exhausted, just hold on. God answers prayer, it may not be in the way we expect it, but He does. 

Updates on this story to come. We will see exactly what happens to this family, will her Christian University help? Will she find a job and a reliable day-care for her child? Will her husband help? More to come.

For more info: If you or someone you know in the Huntsville, Alabama area needs help please visit, Family Services Center, 600 St. Claire Ave., Huntsville, AL. Phone (256) 551-1610. To report child abuse, sexual abuse or neglect please contact Department of Human Resources (256) 535-4500 , Huntsville Police Department (256) 722-7100. Crisis Services of North Alabama.


  • A K 5 years ago

    My heart goes out to this young woman and her child. I also pity the deserting husband and father. I think that he is under the control of the enemy of our souls. He is a prisoner that needs to be set free by the blood of Jesus Christ. I will pray for the restoration of this family, that the young man comes to his senses and quits the pigpen like the prodigal and return home to his family. I hope that many others will join this spiritual warfare.
    It really saddens me what happened to this lady and her three year old child. However, I must say that just like there are irresponsible husbands and fathers abandon their families for other women, there are irresponsible wives and mothers do the same. This weakens the family as God intended it to be.
    I pray that the body of Christ would stand up against the assaults and aggression of Satan on the family rather than just talk about it. I pray that the Lord will allow one or a group of His children to meet the young lady and child me by pr

  • Madonna 5 years ago

    I am in a similar mess. My husband (20 years) left me to go take courses after loosing his job. I went on a tight budget to survive. But he never finished any of the programs. He went into an alcoholic escape.. it is five years later. I still have not gotten any child support. I have lost my home moved into a more affordable housing. He will not call the kids or help them in any way. He is with another woman now. But with God's help I am doing it on my own. I have 3 children (17,14,11). We are surviving week to week. But I worry that I have nothing saved to retire on. I wait for better days and keep positive for my childrens sake. Never do I talk mean about him. Because he is half of their being. So it would be tearing them down. Turn the other cheek, better will come to you. God Bless...

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    my husband js decided to move to another area witot tellin mw.he hvnt call me since then.nt to even ask about his tryin my best not to call him it hurts so bad ,i cry when ever it hit me that his gone and chose another woman over us..but i know GOD is watching and will keep me strong

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I am disabled with a 5 yr old little girl. My husband left us after an explosive rage. He has a lot of anger issues as he was abused very badly as a child. I tried to stand by him but his anger and mental problems became increasingly worse and he was taking it out on us. Then he just left said he never loved me, never wanted our child, never wanted our home and will not help us. I had a heart attack a month after he left. He has been gone for 3 months now and we have no gas. So no hot water, no stove/oven to cook and no heat. I have not eaten for 6 days now as I am conserving food for my child. I know Satan has done this. I met a lady that told me my husband is possessed by satan and prayed for him to be released. My daughter and I are running out of time before we are on the streets. I have no family here and we have no contact with his family as they were so abusive and when the news came out they disowned me and my child and said that I was the one that told my husband he was abused so he believes it and they are denying all abuse. My husband did defend me on that but now that he left us nothing matters. I trusted my husband and sold all that I had to pay off his debts and support us when we were first together. Now I am disabled and have no income at all. His take home is anywhere from 4-5 thousand a month but we are suffering here. It makes no sense how the man I fell in love with because he was so caring could be this monster now. I cry every day. I know this is bad for my daughter but the depression is so deep. The hurt has touched me and God seems to have forgotten us. I prayed every day with my daughter for my husbands healing and for him to come home to us as the man he once was. How do we survive with all this devastation? Where is God now? Why is Satan allowed to be so strong to destroy us? We welcome all prayers for us. We live in Washington state. We need a miracle.

  • sharon 2 years ago

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  • Paul muller 1 year ago

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