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Widow files wrongful death suit against Porsche in crash that killed Paul Walker

Memorial to actor Paul Walker at site where he and friend Roger Rodas were killed.
Memorial to actor Paul Walker at site where he and friend Roger Rodas were killed.
Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images

Kristine Roda has filed a wrongful death suit against Porsche citing design flaws in the 2005 Carrera GT her husband Roger was driving when he and "Fast and Furious franchise star actor Paul Walker were killed in a fiery crash in Santa Clarita, CA November 30, 2013. Rodas, a trained race car driver was co-owner of an auto racing team with Walkers named "Always Evolving."

The suit alleges that, "The Carrera GT was unsafe for its intended use by reason of defects in its manufacture, design, testing, component and constituents, so that it would not safely serve its purpose." It also contends that he lawsuit also contends that a failure in the car's suspension system "forced it to careen out of control and strike three trees," Kristine also disputes evidence presented by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department that Roger Rodas was speeding at 94 mph at the time of the accident.instead, she claims he was only going 55 mph.

According to results of the police investigation (aided by Porsche engineers who examined the wreakage) released in March, "the cause of the crash was unsafe speed and not mechanical problems."

The differing opinions on the crash will likely be a part of any trial over the lawsuit, which could take years to resolve, stated Kristine Rodas' attorney, Mark Geragos. In addition to his widow, Roger Rodas left behind two young children.