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Widmer's fate now in hands of jury as deliberations begin

Ryan Widmer awaits a decision from the jury.
Ryan Widmer awaits a decision from the jury.
C. Enquirer/C. Owsley

The fate of Ryan Widmer is now in the hands of a Warren County jury as his retrial for the alleged murder of his wife, Sarah, concluded Wednesday. 

Prosecutors Travis Vieux and John Arnold and Defense Attorney Hal Arenstein presented closing arguments to the jury throughout he morning and early afternoon Wednesday, concluding 2 1/2 weeks of trial. 

This is the second time Widmer's fate has been placed in the hands of twelve strangers.  Last year, Widmer was convicted of the murder of his wife after she drowned in the couple's bathtub in 2008.  That conviction, however, was overturned after Judge Neal Bronson found evidence of juror misconduct.

Wednesday began with anticipation that Ryan Widmer may testify in his own defense.  However, as in the first trial, the defense rested without calling Widmer taking the stand.  While there are arguments both in favor of and against a defendant testifying, if Widmer is convicted, the decision to keep him off of the stand will certainly be questioned.

All that is left for the attorneys, Ryan Widmer and the throngs of media and interested citizens to do now is wait.  How long, you ask?  There is no telling, but the last Widmer jury took approximately 20 hours to reach a verdict.

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