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Widely ridiculed 'worst police sketch ever' leads to an actual arrest

Glenn Rundles likely never thought he looked like a hand-drawn cartoon Muppet, but police officers from Paris, Texas sure thought he did. The 32-year-old suspected robber was actually recognized by authorities after a crude doodle, widely mocked, bore a resemblance to the local criminal.

A Lamar County Sheriff’s Department sketch artist produced the juvenile face portrait last week, and it quickly went viral for its childlike simplicity, reports the Huffington Post on Jan. 30. The drawing lacked eyebrows, had iris-less alien looking eyes, a single line for the lips, and didn’t have any single distinguishable features.

But it was the cops who had the last laugh, as evidently the black and white sketch of the lipless hominid was all that investigators needed. They recognized the man in the drawing as Rundles, and arrested him on Tuesday and charged him with robbing two women at knifepoint.

The aesthetically dubious doodle was released by Lamar County police for good intentions. Sheriff's Deputy Jeff Springer told the Houston Chronicle that the sketch was made public to help catch a criminal, not to be the brunt of gibes.

Texas police must have realized however that their sketcher was no Picasso, since they released the photo with the oh-so-obvious disclaimer: "The sketch is not a true depiction of the suspect, only a likeness."

Good to know that the cops were not on an all-points-bulletin lookout for an amorphous cartoon man. Indeed, the sketch was so bad that it prompted Gawker to pose the question, "Did two Texas women get mugged by a cartoon?"

Springer said the sketch was good enough to nab their man however, and even said the drawing scared Rundles, who made an attempt to hide his identity after the drawing was released to local news outlets and newspapers.

“[Rundles] started to try and hide his identity after he saw the sketch in the papers and even had the tattoo on his neck covered up with another design in an attempt to mask it,” said Springer.

Sure, I would try to hide my face too if I looked like a sphere-headed egg with beady black eyes.

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