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‘Wicked Tuna’ race heats up to 'Mission: Fishin!' on NatGeo

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On tonight's episode of “Wicked Tuna” the fishermen of Gloucester, Mass. are back on their journey to catch the elusive bluefin tuna as fans see how the competition plays out in this difficult profession. The opening sequence shows just how tough it is to bring in these fish, that can earn them up to $20,000 for one gigantic tuna.

As the episode opens, the end of week five, the totals are:

  • Hot Tuna with three fish for $21,376.
  • Hard Merchandise with three fish for $15,918.
  • FV-Tuna.Com has three for $13,776.
  • Bounty Hunter has two for $13,701.
  • Lily with two fish for $12,116.
  • Pin Wheel with two for $8,564.
  • Miss Sambuca one for $2,880.

As the episode begins, Captain Hollywood is on the Lily as his pilot Mark notifies him from above that he found a school of large fish. His only goal is to beat the top boats. As he throws the first harpoon, he misses its mark, but the second hits its target. It is only 73 inches, but it is legal, weighs 163 and pays $17 and gives him a paycheck of $2,771.

On the FV-Tuna.Com, Dave is hoping to kick TJ’s butt and regain the lead. But on the Hot Tuna, TJ brought on his father and uncle, two expert fishermen. TJ’s dad is known as Captain Ball Buster, but he has lots of experience. As the Dot.Com heads to Stellwagen; he has hopes for a great day.

The Hard Merchandise is putting bait out when he hears a beep on the finder. As all the spotters are showing fish, each boat is expecting the big one.

As the Hot Tuna gets a bite, it is another shark, a big blue one with inedible meat. The Hard Merchandise gets a bite, just hoping it is a big tuna, but it was another shark. Dave brought his dog Pickles along today, but Sandro is not so happy and tells Garon if the dog comes again, he will remain at the dock.

On the Miss Sambuca, Paul’s brother Bruce and his brother from Florida, Danny is on the boat with them. He came up for the Hebert family reunion. Danny is doing a good job catching bait.

With no fish on the deck, the Hebert boys head home to see their long-lost relatives.

As the Lily is back out, Mark spots a school of about 30-40 fish. Mark points out where the big ones are and Bill spears it. This one is 76 inches, weighs 189 and pays $14 for $2,646.

The next day, without Pickles, the Dot.Com heads out before daylight.

On the Hot Tuna, the reel starts spinning and Jarrett mans the reel; the fish pulled the hook after a long fight.

On the Hard Merchandise, they are finding lots of bait, and had two bites in ten minutes, but both escaped.

The Dot.Com gets a bite and after two hours on the hook, and having problems with the line, they manage to bring him in. He measures 99 inches, weighs 497 and pays $18 for $8,946.

At the Hebert family reunion, Paul’s dad Donald is a second generation fisherman and handed down his profession to his sons. As they looked through old photos of tunas weighing nearly a thousand pounds, they had plenty of memories and fish stories to last a lifetime.

At the end of week six, the leaderboard is as follows:

  • FV-Tuna.Com with four fish for $22,722.
  • Hot Tuna with three fish for $21,376.
  • Lily with four fish for $17,533.
  • Hard Merchandise with three fish for $15,918.
  • Bounty Hunter has two for $13,701.
  • Pin Wheel with two for $8,564.
  • Miss Sambuca one for $2,880.

Who will top the leaderboard on the next exciting episode of "Wicked Tuna?"

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