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‘Wicked Tuna’ orders ‘All Hands on Deck' on NatGeo

A bluefin tuna; not from "Wicked Tuna"
A bluefin tuna; not from "Wicked Tuna"
Wikimedia Commons

Tonight's National Geographic Channel episode of “Wicked Tuna” finds the fishermen of Gloucester, Mass. in week eleven of their season as they attempt to catch their livelihood; the elusive bluefin tuna. So far, the leaderboard is as follows: still barely in first place is with nine fish for $50,864. Pin Wheel is in second, also with nine for $50,834. Hard Merchandise is holding third with five for $30,716. New fourth-place boat is Lisa & Jake with two for $7,584 and holding on the last place is Bounty Hunter with two for $4,435 who have had the worst run of luck in the fleet.

As the episode begins, the gets a new deck hand named Garon Mailman. With only four weeks left in the season, he hopes to give them the help they need. On the Lisa & Jake, Paul, Bruce and Kevin are watching the fish finder and Paul knows just how to judge where the fish are. Although Kevin owns the boat, he is an experienced cod fisherman and knows very little about bluefin fishing. He gladly handed over the captain's job to Paul, who has vast experience with the tuna.

On the Odysea, Ralph lost Jason earlier this season and Ralph now is fishing alone. He is catching bluefish to use a bait for the big ones, as the little ones stay away from the bluefish because they put up too much of a fight. The bluefish can take fingers off, so Ralph is careful to take them off the hook.

On the Hard Merchandise, Dave and Jason are hoping to rescue their season with some nice catches. Dave likes his crew just the way it is, with the two of them on the boat; Jay is the most reliable guy he knows. He knows that Ralph will be fishing alone, because nobody else wants to fish with him, while the and Pin Wheel have a three-man crew.

Tyler has to keep his crew motivated, as they are young guys and nowhere near as dedicated as he. As the finder is buzzing away, the reel starts spinning. They pull in the big one, and he is the 85-inches long, way over the 73- inch minimum. On the dock, he weighs 245 pounds dressed and pays $18 a pound for a payday of $4,410. Off they go, to catch another and send down further on the leader board.

Paul is tired of chumming the same fish for a long time and finally gets a bite, but Kevin's inexperience in tuna fishing could cause them problems. As Paul yells for Kevin to hit the throttle, Kevin stops the boat causing the line to weaken and possibly lose the fish; and that is just what happened to the big one that got away. Paul will be teaching Kevin more about tuna fishing as they go.

On the, Garon is learning and will be doing the grunt work for now.

Ralph is out fishing alone and loves the solitude. Ralph is using a kite to keep the bait close to the surface and away from the boat.

On the Hard Merchandise, Dave is getting worried that the season will end, and they will not have much to keep the family going through the off-season. Jason spots a seal eating their bait, although people think, the seals are cute; Dave thinks they are 200-pound rats with flippers.

Ralph gets a bite as the kite line goes off. It gives him a run for his money, but then pulls the hook and escapes.

On the Pin Wheel, they are cooking bacon for breakfast. They sure know how to enjoy life on this boat.

Paul and Bruce are giving Kevin a quick course in catching bluefin tuna catching and Kevin is anxious to learn everything he can.

As the gets a bite, Sandro is manning the pole, and Dave gave Garon the wheel and explained how to move the boat as Dave shouted his orders. Then Garon took the rod and did a great job as they pulled in the big tuna. At the dock, it weighs 584-pounds and pays $24 a pound for a huge payday of $14,016 for the biggest fish they caught all season.

On the Hard Merchandise, and $3,000 in the hole, Dave is praying for the fish on the finder to bite. The pig ate and ate and then took off with a full belly.

As the Lisa & Jake crew were watching the finder, the reel started spinning. The afternoon sun was making it difficult to see the line. As Paul and Bruce do the work on the rail, Bruce and Paul reel in this fatty, and Kevin does an excellent job at the wheel as Paul shouted his directions. On the dock, Paul brings in the fish for 264-pounds at $10 for a $2,640 for a disappointing payout, but still better than nothing.

Now the gap between first and second place has widened. The leader is still with ten fish for $64,880. Pin Wheel is in second place, also with ten for $55,244. Hard Merchandise is holding third with five for $30,716. Odysea has four for a total of $24,056 and in last place for now, Lisa & Jake with three fish for $10,224. Let's go Paul, there are only four weeks left to kick some serious butt on "Wicked Tuna."


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