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‘Wicked Tuna North versus South’ wants ‘Bluefin or Bust’ on NatGeo

Wicked Tuna: North vs South finds Hard Merchandise catching up
Wicked Tuna: North vs South finds Hard Merchandise catching up
"Photo courtesy of NatGeo, used with permission”

Last night’s episode of “Wicked Tuna North versus South,” started out with the southern fishermen out for the hunt of their livelihood, as fans know that the Gloucester fishermen do during their summer season. The competition is as fierce down south, as it is in the north. However, this season, there is more competition in this episode titled “Bluefin or Bust.”

At the end of last week’s episode the leaders were:

Fishin’ Frenzy with two for $15,728.

Pin Wheel with two for $14,498.

Wahoo with two for $14,028.

Hot Tuna with one for $7,788.

Doghouse with one for $3,136

Hard Merchandise still no fish.

The Hard Merchandise is the only boat of the six that have not caught a fish. If they do not catch one today, on day four, they will have to head home to Gloucester. When the Wahoo pulls up next to their boat, Dave gets an earful from them about invading their territory. Dave has a family to feed too, and tells them that if he did better up north, he would not be there. It was a financial gamble just to come down there. Dave did not choose to use the greenstick, and is fishing with a rod, as they did in Gloucester. Suddenly, they fish pulls the hook, leaving them wondering whether they will ever catch one.

Dave puts in a call to TJ, to get some greenstick lessons. TJ tells them not to be afraid of the greenstick, it is their friend, and the only way to catch fish in the Outer Banks. The Fishin’ Frenzy and the Wahoo are bitter rivals, just like up north. As the Fishin’ Frenzy hooks up, the banter ends, but the Wahoo sees they are hooked up, as he watches through his binoculars, while they pull him aboard, all 88 inches of him.

On the Pin Wheel, Tyler wants to check out how TJ set up the Hard Merchandise’s greenstick. He does not trust TJ, and insists on making sure he did not jeopardize his catching. TJ heard what Tyler told Marciano, and was not happy, he has no intention of sabotaging Dave’s rigging. He is adamant that he only wants to hear from Tyler if his boat is sinking.

The Fishin’ Frenzy just hooked up two fish, which could be disastrous if the lines cross. They hope to pull in both and keep the biggest, and let the other go, because they can only bring in two fish at a time. One pulled the hook, now they have to concentrate on the one hooked up. The tail rope went on, and he is 80 inches, and a butterball. On the dock, one fish weighs 233 pounds dressed and pays only $10 with little fat for $2,330 the butterball weighs 248, and has good fat content for $16 and pays $3,968.

The Hard Merchandise stays out at night, using the greenstick and every other line they have. Soon they are hooked up, but it is a hammerhead shark. The tuna gods have to help Dave and Jason soon, or they are leaving.

TJ finally gets another bite on the greenstick, but suddenly it seems that the fish is gone. TJ believes something broke, which is the case. When he pulls up the rigging, his suspicion is proven.

The Wahoo finally gets a bite, in sight of the Hard Merchandise. They pull the fish aboard, and do what they did best, but Dave is a gentleman and gives them props. Suddenly the greenstick snaps on the Hard Merchandise, and the reels start spinning. Finally, they get the tail rope on him and pull him aboard; the Wahoo returns the favor, but tells them not to get used to it. At the dock, Dave’s fish weighs 268 dressed and pays $24 for $6,432. The Wahoo brings in their fish who weighs 174, pays $20 for $3,480.

After three weeks of fishing the tally reads:

Fishin’ Frenzy with four for $22,026.

Wahoo with three for $17,508.

Pin Wheel with two for $14,498.

Hot Tuna with one for $7,788.

Hard Merchandise with one for $6,432.

Doghouse with one for $3,136

With 30% of the quota filled, the fishermen will be super busy on the next episode of "Wicked Tuna North versus South."