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‘Wicked Tuna North versus South’ arriving Sunday on NatGeo

This Sunday night, NatGeo will present the “Wicked Tuna” fans more of their favorite Gloucester fishermen. Now that the season for catching bluefin is over in the northeast, the fish did not just go away. They sought refuge in the warmer waters of the Outer Banks off North Carolina, where the season lasts from December to April, after the Gloucester season ends in .

Wicked Tuna pits the North versus South
"Photo courtesy of NatGeo, used with permission”

Fans will be happy to see; Captain Dave Marciano and his first mate Jason Muenzer on the Hard Merchandise, T.J. Ott and his crew of the Hot Tuna Co-Owner Tim Ott, T.J.’s father aka Captain Ball Buster and first mate Jarrett Przybyszewski. The third boat on the expedition is the Pin Wheel, with T.J.’s archenemy Tyler McLaughlin and his co-captain Paul Hebert. All of these fishermen are out to salvage their horrible season, especially Tyler, who went from first in 2013 to worst in 2014.

Three southern boats are featured on this competition for survival; Wahoo with Captain Reed Meredith and first mate Banks Meredith. The Fishin’ Frenzy driven by Captain Greg Mayer with his first mate Nick Gowitzka, and the Doghouse with Captain Britton Shackelford and first mate Caine Livesay.

The fishermen in these waters fish using the greenstick method of fishing for bluefin tuna because unlike the tuna in the northeast, these fish swim much closer to the surface. The greenstick stands vertically on the boat, while it drags a long line with hooks, as the lines are held up by a buoy bag called the bird. This type of fishing forces other boats to avoid their lines by driving in circles, rather than crossing the line too close to the boats. Of course, all boats do not adhere to the rules, which infuriates these fishermen who are also trying to make a living.

Check out the sneak preview video accompanying this article and see what to expect on the upcoming episodes of "Wicked Tuna: North vs. South."

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