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‘Wicked Tuna’ joins 'Tuna Beta Kappa' on NatGeo

On Wicked Tuna, everyone is catching but Dave on the Hard Merchandise
On Wicked Tuna, everyone is catching but Dave on the Hard Merchandise"Photo courtesy of NatGeo, used with permission”

On tonight's episode of “Wicked Tuna,” those fishermen of Gloucester, Mass. are on their journey to catch the elusive bluefin tuna as fans see how the competition plays out in this difficult profession. The opening sequence shows just how tough it is to bring in these fish, that can earn them up to $20,000 for one gigantic tuna on this episode titled “Blue Grit.”

As the episode opens, the end of week ten, the totals are:

FV-Tuna.Com with nine fish for $81,129.

Lily with seven fish for $29,059.

Hot Tuna with four fish for $28,064.

Bounty Hunter has three for $24,938.

Hard Merchandise with five fish for $23,461.

Miss Sambuca two for $10,260.

Pin Wheel with two for $8,564.

As the episode begins, the boats get an alert from the Coast Guard that a vessel named Terra Nova is in distress. There are two persons in the water and Dave on the FV-Tuna.Com is closer to the boat than the Coast Guard. As he gives his crew instructions, he rushes to the vessel. It is very dark, and the wind is blowing hard. They recognize the name as a Gloucester boat. One thing fishermen will do, ignore fishing and proceed to help any boat in distress. Even if it is someone they do not like, all that animosity goes away as they rush to their side. Fortunately, the fishermen are rescued by another boat before they arrived.

In a diner near the dock, Tyler meets with Dave Marciano. Earlier this season, they made a pact to help one another. Tyler wanted to meet away from the radio, where other boats can hear them. Tyler mentions Georges Bank, an isolated area about 150 miles from Gloucester, it will cost a lot of fuel, bait and ice to reach there, but Tyler had good luck there last year and Dave feels confident that it is a decent decision.

At Georges Bank, the Miss Sambuca is already there and seeing pilot whales, a good sign that tuna are nearby. Moods are hopeful in the boat, and the crew is positive.

At Stellwagen Bank, the Tuna.Com is fishing, but the crew is tired because of last night’s close call with the boat in distress. When the reel spins, they think it is a blue shark, but it is a tuna, and a fatty. They reel it in, and it measures 98 inches. Just then, Dave gets a call from the Coast Guard to let him know about last night,s SOS call. The captain did not make it, and the other guy is still in the hospital. Sadness comes over the boat, despite the fat fish on the deck. It is a tough job, and on the water, nobody is invincible.

At Georges Bank, the Pin Wheel and the Hard Merchandise arrive. Dave is surprised to see Paul there by himself. The three boats start marking tuna on the finders and are very excited. The Pin Wheel is first to get a bite, and put the tail hook on him, as he tries to winch him up, the generator dies. Tyler calls Paul on the Miss Sambuca for help, and they send Junior over to help him out.

Next, the Hard Merchandise gets a bite, but it is a mako shark, who lives to see another day.

The Tuna.Com gets another call from a boat in trouble. While Sandro and Dave are on the other boat, the reel starts spinning again as Garon goes to the rail. Back on the boat, the three fishermen are fighting this fish all the way. He is a giant one, and they finally tail wrap him. He is a monster and they guys are overcome with joy. Now back to help the other boat. At the dock, the one fish weighs 328 pounds and pays $11 for $3,608; the other one is 424 pounds, pays $21 a pound for $8,904 and a nice payday of $12,512, and the Dot.Com keeps rolling.

As Junior gets the Pin Wheel running, he is a fat 90-inch fish, but Tyler has to get the fish to market, so he leaves Dave behind. Go get a big one, Dave! Tyler’s fish weighs 420 pounds and pays $22 for $9,240 and three happy guys.

As Paul is still out on Georges Bank, he laments about the cost to be so far from home. He is out of bait, and Dave comes to his rescue. As Paul puts a live fish on the line, the reel starts spinning furiously. They need all the manpower they can get to bring this one in, and he is a fatty that measures 75 inches, weighs 192 pounds and pays $18 for $3,456.

At the end of week eleven, the leaderboard is as follows:

FV-Tuna.Com with eleven fish for $93,641.

Lily with seven fish for $29,059.

Hot Tuna with four fish for $28,064.

Bounty Hunter has three for $24,938.

Hard Merchandise with five fish for $23,461.

Pin Wheel with three for $17,804.

Miss Sambuca three for $13,716.

With Dot.Com so far in the lead and four weeks left of the season, so much more could happen on the next episodes of "Wicked Tuna."