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‘Wicked Tuna’ fishermen face 'The Reckoning' on NatGeo

Wicked Tuna winner of the season Dave Carraro of FV-Tuna.Com
Wicked Tuna winner of the season Dave Carraro of FV-Tuna.Com
"Photo courtesy of NatGeo, used with permission”

On tonight's season finale episode of “Wicked Tuna,” the fishermen of Gloucester, Mass. are on their journey to catch the elusive bluefin tuna as fans root for their favorites in this difficult profession. With the last week here to bring in their catch, that can earn them up to $20,000 for one gigantic tuna on this episode titled “The Mighty Bite.”

The end of week fifteen totals are:

FV-Tuna.Com with fourteen fish for $114,769.

Hard Merchandise with seven fish for $49,444.

Miss Sambuca with six for $47,654.

Hot Tuna with six fish for $40,054.

Pin Wheel with three for $17,804.

As the episode begins, Paul is at Stellwagen Bank hoping to make it to second place ahead of Hard Merchandise. Each of the three runners up are in striking distance of second place, as last year’s winner, Pin Wheel is at the bottom, but one big late season fatty could bring them up substantially.

On the FV-Tuna.Com, they are not sitting back and relaxing. They plan to continue to smoke the competition and especially Tyler, who runs his mouth. Right now, Tyler has a flu or something trying to kill him, but his inexperienced crew may be just as deadly.

On the Hot Tuna, Tyler calls to bust chops; he does have some stones to call other boats when he is cemented in last place for now. When TJ’s father gets on the phone, he calls Tyler a bottom feeder, and told him they beat him, which was all they wanted to do. He then told him to enjoy his winter.

On the Miss Sambuca, they have been hooked up for over an hour and a half. This fish is a fighter, but Bruce sees that he is getting weaker and weaker. Finally, they see color, as Junior is ready with the harpoon, but misses his first shot. After another 45 minutes, they pull him on deck. He measures 112 inches and is a fatty that weighs 658 pounds dressed and pays $21 a pound for $13,818, taking over second place, and back out to get another.

On the Hot Tuna, they finally hear the reel spin and run to bring in what they hope is redemption, but it is another shark.

On the Hard Merchandise, they finally get a bite as Paul watches from his boat. The race for second place is tightening. As they pull this tubby over the rail, he measures 107 inches and weighs 623 pounds for $20 for $12,460.

Back on the Miss Sambuca, they are looking through the binoculars, and everywhere the eye can see, there are boats. Stellwagen is the only place the fish are being caught, and word gets around quickly.

The Pin Wheel sees the Hot Tuna coming, and hopes they do not take over their spot. Suddenly, everyone is marking fish and hopes are high.

The Dot.Com hooks up, the Hot Tuna gets a bite, the Pin Wheel hooks up.

The Dot.Com hits the fish with the harpoon, and pulls him aboard. He measures 98 inches, weighs 554 dressed and pays $21 for $11,634.

The Hot Tuna got one that was 99 inches, weighed 390 dressed and paid $19 for $7,410.

The Pin Wheel lost the fish when he pulled the hook and received a phone call from TJ, who found a humble Tyler, who told him that the fishing gods were probably teaching him a lesson. TJ hopes next season, he will be less of a jerk.

At the end of the final week of the season, the leaderboard is as follows:

FV-Tuna.Com with fifteen fish for $126,403.

Hard Merchandise with eight fish for $61,904.

Miss Sambuca with seven for $61,472.

Hot Tuna with seven fish for $47,464.

Pin Wheel with three for $17,804.

Dave Carraro got a shower from Sandro and Garon as the winning coach. Tyler ended the season much more humble than he started. However, although the season in Gloucester is over, there will be more, as they head to the Outer Banks of North Carolina as a big surprise on this season finale episode of "Wicked Tuna."

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