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‘Wicked Tuna’ fishermen discover 'The Mighty Bite' on NatGeo

Dave Marciano regained second place on Wicked Tuna
Dave Marciano regained second place on Wicked Tuna
"Photo courtesy of NatGeo, used with permission”

On tonight's episode of “Wicked Tuna,” the fishermen of Gloucester, Mass. are on their journey to catch the elusive bluefin tuna as fans root for their favorites in this difficult profession. With only two weeks left to bring in their catch, that can earn them up to $20,000 for one gigantic tuna on this episode titled “The Mighty Bite.”

The end of week fourteen totals are:

FV-Tuna.Com with thirteen fish for $103,945.

Hot Tuna with six fish for $40,054.

Hard Merchandise with six fish for $37,186.

Miss Sambuca with five for $33,552.

Lily with seven fish for $29,059.

Bounty Hunter has three for $24,938.

Pin Wheel with three for $17,804.

As the episode begins, the FV-Tuna.Com gets another bite, but in no time, the fish pulls the hook and is home free. Dave is sure there will be more fish to catch, so he is not too concerned. Why not, he had a tremendous lead!

On the Hard Merchandise, Dave Marciano is out before the sun and on the fishing grounds. He wants to get a big head start against the other fishermen who are home dreaming. But the chum they are throwing over, may as well be dollar bills, unless they catch fish. As they get a bite, the line lets go, but by the size of the teeth marks on the line, it was a shark.

The Miss Sambuca is ready to go while it is still dark. Hot Tuna is heading out to Ipswich Bay, as he sees lots of boats all trying to get the last catches in before the season ends. TJ saw a fellow fisherman who told him to go to Mudhole, which is closer than Ipswich Bay.

On the Pin Wheel, Tyler is very sick, but has no choice, as his crew is inexperienced. They spot Paul and TJ anchored up close by.

As Paul looks up, Tyler sounds like he is about to croak from coughing. The Miss Sambuca brings a fatty onboard and then goes on the radio to let the other guys know he is fighting for second place. The fish weighs 641 dressed and pays $22 for $14,102.

The Tuna.Com is hooked up, but a dragger boat is much too close to them and could make them lose the fish, and sure, enough they lose the fish. When they approach the guy, he is a jerk and does not even acknowledge that he saw their boat.

When TJ sees fish on the spotter, the reel starts spinning. The fish is heading to the anchor line, and could break free, and does. No luck this time.

The Tuna.Com spots a big fish on the spotter and when the reel spins, they are excited. Sandro stated that if they catch this fish, they will put a dagger in everyone’s heart. When they got to pull the fish onboard, the hook comes out of the fish’s mouth, but they have the tail rope on and manage to bring it in. The fish weighs 451 dressed and pays $24 for $10,824.

The Hard Merchandise spots a fish on the screen and here it comes, and it is a fatty. He measures 98 inches and weighs 454 and pays $27 for $12,258.

At the end of week fourteen, the leaderboard is as follows:

FV-Tuna.Com with fourteen fish for $114,769.

Hard Merchandise with seven fish for $49,444.

Miss Sambuca with six for $47,654.

Hot Tuna with six fish for $40,054.

Pin Wheel with three for $17,804.

Dot.Com keeps plugging along, and with only one week left of the season, Dave regains second place, but will he keep it, on the season finale episode of "Wicked Tuna?"

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