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‘Wicked Tuna’ fishermen discover more 'Bad Blood' on NatGeo

Dave Marciano of the Hard Merchandise
Dave Marciano of the Hard Merchandise
Photo courtesy of NatGeo used with permission

On tonight's episode of “Wicked Tuna,” those hard-working fishermen of Gloucester, Mass. are on their journey to catch the elusive bluefin tuna as fans see how the competition plays out in this difficult profession. With only four weeks left to bring in these fish, that can earn them up to $20,000 for one gigantic tuna on this episode titled “Bad Blood.”

As the episode opens, the end of week eleven totals are:

FV-Tuna.Com with eleven fish for $93,641.

Lily with seven fish for $29,059.

Hot Tuna with four fish for $28,064.

Bounty Hunter has three for $24,938.

Hard Merchandise with five fish for $23,461.

Pin Wheel with three for $17,804.

Miss Sambuca three for $13,716.

As the episode begins, Tyler spots Ralph on the Odysea, and there is bad blood between them, because Tyler threw water balloons at him last season and caught him in the head. So Tyler and his crew are loaded up with more water balloons again. When Ralph threatened to T-bone his boat, he started racing towards the Pin Wheel, but then took off.

On the Hot Tuna, TJ is lamenting that they have not caught a fish in four weeks, but at least he is ahead of Tyler.

On the Hard Merchandise, Dave Marciano was left in the dust last week when Tyler and Paul both caught fish, but he did not. So this week, he plans to smoke the competition.

As Paul sees the Dot.Com edging near, he tells him to stay away. No sooner said, when a reel starts spinning on the Miss Sambuca. The sea is pretty rough as the waves keep splashing the guy on the line. After nearly four hours, they finally pull in a fatty. He measures 110 inches, weighs 706 dressed, pays $18 for $12,708.

Soon the Dot.Com gets a bite too. As both boats are fighting for their living. However, Dave’s fish is swimming towards lobster gear, and they could lose it if he wraps around the lobster line. Sure enough, the lobster gear breaks the line.

The Pin Wheel is close to the Hot Tuna, and TJ is ready to smoke him. TJ gets a bite, as they hope to show Tyler how to fish.

Quickly thereafter, the Pin Wheel hooks up, but it is a shark and TJ hooks a shark too. No easy day for these fishermen.

At Georges Bank, the Hard Merchandise is marking fish, but to their dismay, a seal pops its head up to thumb its nose at them.

The Dot.Com gets another bite and hooks another big boy. It measures 87 inches, weighs 297 pounds and pays $22 for $6,534, and the Dot.Com keeps rolling along.

As the Hard Merchandise finally gets a bite, and it is a wicked fish measuring 106.5 inches, as Nancy and Eva wait on the dock as a welcoming committee. The fish weighs 549 pounds and pays $25 for $13,725.

The Hot Tuna finally gets a fish on the line and pulls him on the boat. He measures 94 inches, and Reba gives her lick of approval. On the dock, the fish weighs 298 and pays $20 for $5,960.

At the end of week twelve, the leaderboard is as follows:

FV-Tuna.Com with twelve fish for $100,175.

Hard Merchandise with six fish for $37,186.

Hot Tuna with five fish for $34,024.

Lily with seven fish for $29,059.

Miss Sambuca four for $26,424.

Bounty Hunter has three for $24,938.

Pin Wheel with three for $17,804.

With Dot.Com so far in the lead and three weeks left of the season, could anyone possibly catch up, on the next episodes of "Wicked Tuna?"

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