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‘Wicked Tuna’ fishermen become ‘Twice Bitten' on NatGeo

School of Atlantic bluefin tuna
School of Atlantic bluefin tuna
Wikimedia Commons

On tonight's episode of “Wicked Tuna” fans find the fishermen of Gloucester, Mass. in week thirteen of their season as they attempt to catch the elusive bluefin tuna. So far, the leaderboard is as follows: still in first place with twelve fish for $74,474. Pin Wheel is in second place, with eleven for $60,698. Hard Merchandise is holding third with six for $35,996. Odysea has five for $29,048 and Lisa & Jake with four fish for $17,244.

As the episode begins, the Lisa & Jake has a fish that has been chumming all day, finally he bites and the line is bending, unfortunately, he is a great white shark that they cut loose, but the sharks roll themselves up in the lines leaving less line for fishing.

The is anxious to keep their lead and break $100,000 to ensure themselves a cozy winter. FV is not going past Stellwagen Bank; it will save them fuel, and they will be closer to the dock. As the reel starts spinning, another spins too. If they have a double header, they will be thrilled, but one pulled the hook. Sandro keeps watch as the shortie gets cut loose as they strike out this time.The Pin Wheel is getting ready to hit George's Bank again where they have had good luck.

The Odysea is heading out, and Ralph finds Kit Pirate Vallee to join him. Pirate caught some bait to get them started. As the reel starts spinning, the fish turns out to be another shortie.

The Pin Wheel gets a bite and then another, but one pulled the hook, so now there is only one, and it is a shark.

Bruce Hebert thinks it would be a good idea to open an addiction center for tuna addicts. They are sure they could make a good living, when the reels start to spin in unison, it is another shark that got both lines. Paul called the shark a greedy bastard. Another fish is on the line for the Lisa & Jake, and finally, they pulled this big boy in and the brothers are ecstatic. The fish weighs 576 pounds and brings in $22 a pound for $12,672. Great payday for the boys.

As is out on Stellwagen Bank, they see less and less fishing boats. With only two weeks left; Paul is shocked that so many boats have quit for the season. They finally got a fish on the hook, but he pulled the hook. Are the fish getting smarter as the season winds down?

On the Pin Wheel, they have a fish on the line, and Tyler tells them to put another line on the bow, and they get two bites at once. With two fish on the lines, they can lose both fish or bring them in as they pray they will not cross lines. Finally, they hook one and tail-wrap him as they attempt to get the other. The harpoon shots are perfect, and they pull in the both. When they pull up to the dock, the first fish weighs 487.5 pounds and pays $16 a pound for $7,800. The second fish is 437 pounds and pays $13 for $5,681.

As a dragger comes by the, they get a bite. The tunas like to follow the draggers because they drag a net with smaller fish and as some escape, the tunas get a free meal. Sure enough, a tuna is on their line. Finally, they pull him in. He measures 104 inches long and weighs 805 pounds. The fish pays $24 a pound for $19,320.

At the end of week thirteen, the leader is still with thirteen fish for $93,794. Pin Wheel is in second place, with thirteen for $74,179. Hard Merchandise is holding third with six for $35,996. Lisa & Jake with five fish for $29,916 and Odysea has five for $29,048 but time is running out on "Wicked Tuna."

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