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‘Wicked Tuna’ experiences 'The Wicked Return' on NatGeo

On tonight's season three premiere episode of “Wicked Tuna” the fishermen of Gloucester, Mass. are back for another season as NatGeo follows them on their journey to catch the elusive bluefin tuna and how the competition plays out in this difficult profession. The opening sequence shows just how tough it is to bring in these fish, who can earn them up to $20,000 for just one wicked pissah!

TJ Ott on the Hot Tuna
TJ Ott on the Hot Tuna

As the episode opens, it is opening day on the FV-Tuna.Com captain Dave Carraro describes the adrenalin rush felt when the reel starts spinning.

Tyler McLaughlin is the cocky captain of the Pin Wheel, and had bragging rights all winter, as his boat won the title last season. Dave Carraro held it the year before, and did not like being beat out by the young smart-mouth skipper and when he had one on the line, in sight of the Pin Wheel, it was a happy day for the Dot.Com; until the fish got away.

When Tyler called Dave to throw salt in his wound, Dave shot back asking Tyler where his crew was? However, Tyler had caught big ones before while he was alone, and was not afraid to accept the challenge, with or without a crew.

On the Hard Merchandise, captain and owner Dave Marciano, who fishes with his nephew Jason, has nothing but good words for his deckhand. Last season, the boat was under water, but the community loves Dave, and all of Gloucester came together to help him out. Now with practically a new boat, this beloved captain can’t miss.

He knows the Pin Wheel and Dot.Com are already out, and he wants to get out there and bring in the first fish.

A new boat to the race this year is the Hot Tuna, with TJ at the helm. Dave called him up and asked what he was doing there? He called Tyler, Pinhead and hoped to teach him another lesson. Tyler learned his skills from TJ, and now the teacher is back to show his student, that he is no star pupil. As he was speaking to Dave, Tyler cut in and talked smack to him too. So the war is now on as TJ told Dave he is after not only Pinhead, but him too.

As TJ spotted a tuna on the radar screen, his reel started spinning, as Dave watched. Ryan Bennett was at the reel, as Jarrett Przybyszewski took over the reel, the Dot.Com had one on their hook too. As the Hot Tuna reeled in a fatty, the fish even got a hug, as the first on deck this season, and they want another before heading home.

The Dot.Com pulled in theirs too, but headed in to have the first fish at the market. It weighed 226 pounds and paid $23 a pound, so the first one gave Dave $5,198, then right back out to catch another.

On the second day, Hard Merchandise wanted to join the race and get one too. With two kids on college, Dave has a lot on the line, and soon a fish too. Unfortunately, after a hard fight, the fish pulled the hook, leaving a dejected pair of guys.

Tyler knows his reputation is on the line, and already knows that his two enemies caught fish. Soon his reel starts spinning, and he has to multi-task to keep him on the line and the boat in gear. As Tyler has a fish on the line, is keeping the boat in gear, he hears the foghorn of a boat nearing him. He manages to get out of the way of the oncoming boat, and keeps the fish on the line. He missed with the harpoon, as the fish fights every inch of the way. Tyler manages to bring in the 88-inch fish and snag the paycheck for himself.

As a fish on the radar screen shows up, the Dot.Com gets another bite and hopes to be the first boat to snag its second fish. The fish is trying to wrap up with the anchor line. Garon is at the wheel trying to avoid losing the fish, but he gets away.

In the harbor, Tyler comes in with his fish. He weighs 344 and pays $16 for $5,504.

On the third day, TJ gets a bite and with a bit of a struggle, hooks the tail and brings hit aboard. His first one weighed 266 dressed and paid $20 for $5,320. The second fish weighed 373 and paid $26 a pound for a nice prize of $9,698 and a nice lead.

At the end of week one, the totals are:

  • Hot Tuna with 2 fish for $15,018.
  • Pin Wheel with 1 fish for $5,504.
  • FV-Tuna.Com with 1 fish for $5,198
  • Hard Merchandise has yet to catch a fish.

Just in case they did not hear, TJ gets on the radio to advise the other boats that he bagged his second fish. However, to add to the competition, more boats will be joining the hunt on the next episode of "Wicked Tuna."

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