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On Wicked Tuna Captain Dave Marciano caught two fish on this episode.
On Wicked Tuna Captain Dave Marciano caught two fish on this episode.

On tonight's episode of “Wicked Tuna” the fishermen of Gloucester, Mass. are back on their journey to catch the elusive bluefin tuna as fans see how the competition plays out in this difficult profession. The opening sequence shows just how tough it is to bring in these fish, who can earn them up to $20,000 for just one gigantic tuna.

As the episode opens, the end of week three, the totals are:

  • Hot Tuna with three fish for $21,376.
  • Lily with two fish for $12,116.
  • Hard Merchandise with one fish for $8,381.
  • Bounty Hunter has one for $7,455.
  • FV-Tuna.Com has two for $6,702.
  • Pin Wheel with one for $5,504.

As the episode begins, with Hot Tuna far in the lead, TJ has been having leg pain and brings aboard his father, Big T, aka Captain Ball Buster, the owner of the boat. TJ knows that guys will be spying on them because they are ahead of the pack.

Paul Hebert on the Miss Sambuca has not caught a fish yet, as a shark takes two of his lines, costing him $100.

On the Pin Wheel, Tyler is annoyed because they only caught one fish. When a mark comes on the spotter, it disappears as soon as it arrived, probably a shark.

On the FV-Tuna.Com, Paul is busy listening to all the information across the radio lines.

TJ has the best network for finding fish, as other captains like him and will alert him to where the best fishing grounds are. TJ knows that Tyler is a good fisherman, but without a network, he will fall on his face.

Tyler wants to build his network and promises Dave Marciano on the Hard Merchandise, and they make a gentleman’s agreement, but Dave will be watching that kid like a hawk.

As TJ’s information comes through, he spots a few fish on the spotter, and the reel starts spinning. As the fish goes towards the anchor line, it is a shark, that tries to ruin their day.

As Tyler gets intel that a friend caught fish along the coast of Maine, he calls Dave to give him the scoop. Dave knows it is 100 miles to there, but if he can catch some fish, it will be worth the trip.

Paul overhears the information and is shocked that Dave and Tyler are working together. Paul decides to jump on the information and head towards Maine.

As TJ is in port talking to his father, he tells him that he has some kind of infection in his leg from bait or the fish and cannot fish for three days. As he looks out the window, he spots Dave from the Dot.Com. Big T knows that Dave does not stop by to be cordial. As he gets a tour of the boat, he spots where they were fishing last and garners the information and is secretly glad that TJ will not be fishing for a few days while his leg heals.

Dave will have lines in the water where TJ will not be fishing, since he stole the coordinates. But as Sandro is looking out of the boat, he spots the Hot Tuna and contacts them by radio. It was Big T, as TJ is following doctor’s orders, and now Dave is busted.

As the reel starts spinning on the Hard Merchandise, another starts spinning. As Dave knows if the two fish cross, they could lose both fish. The secret to hooking two fish is to keep one close and one far away from the boat. As they hook the first fish, the line gets away, but manages to snag him because the harpoon did not come out. Now to get the second one aboard, and he is a beauty and a fat one too.

When Tyler spots Paul, he feels that his alliance with Marciano is blown. Then Paul hooks one, but as he heads to the anchor line, they swerve to avoid losing the fish. Finally, they got their first fish, as Tyler still waits for his first bite. Paul unloaded his fish in Portland, Maine and saved time and money, so he can return where he caught the fish. The dressed fish weighed 192 and paid $15 a pound for $2,880.

As Big T finds movement on the spotter, he sees Dot.Com in the vicinity, and hopes that he does not catch a fish because he stole the numbers from the GPS. As Dave gets a bite, they smell blood in the water. Jarrett spots their hook up in the binoculars and after over half an hour on the hook, the fish got a reprieve. Big T feels that justice was served.

As Dave comes in with his two fish, one weighs 203 and pays $19 a pound for $3,857, and the other is 184 and pays $20 for $3,680 and a day’s total of $7,537, great day for the Hard Merchandise.

Because fishermen do not rest until they get even, TJ puts up flyers all over Gloucester that the FV-Tuna.Com is for sale for $50,000 or best offer, and puts Dave’s phone number on the flyer. As Dave receives several phone calls, he knows who put up the flyers. Good job, TJ!

At the end of week four the leaderboard reads:

  • Hot Tuna with three fish for $21,376.
  • Hard Merchandise with three fish for $15,918.
  • Lily with two fish for $12,116.
  • Bounty Hunter has one for $7,455.
  • FV-Tuna.Com has two for $6,702.
  • Pin Wheel with one for $5,504.
  • Miss Sambuca one for $2,880.

What lies ahead as tempers and the competition heats up on the next episode of "Wicked Tuna?"

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