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‘Wicked Tuna’ experiences a 'Checkmate' on NatGeo

On tonight's episode of “Wicked Tuna” the fishermen of Gloucester, Mass. are back on their journey to catch the elusive bluefin tuna as fans see how the competition plays out in this difficult profession. The opening sequence shows just how tough it is to bring in these fish, who can earn them up to $20,000 for just one large fish.

Wicked Tuna Captain Paul Hebert of the Wicked Pissah!

As the episode opens, Hot Tuna is leading with two fish, and right behind with one each are; Pin Wheel and Tyler McLaughlin on the Pin Wheel was without a crew last week, but two college friends Justin DeLuca and Ari Vieira are here to help him out. With little experience, they may be more hindrance than help, but Tyler is willing to take his chance to keep the title.

On the, Dave is happy to have Sandro and Garon, as he gets amusement from hearing that Tyler has two inexperienced crewmen.

On the Hot Tuna, Jarrett and Ryan are maintaining the boat, and TJ is happy to have the two guys he has. Tyler’s new crew is also a topic of discussion on this boat. As they get a bite, the fish is precariously close to the anchor line, and if they cross, the fish can get away. As they free the anchor line, and see color, the fish line snaps from the pressure of the anchor line, and the fish gets away.

On the Hard Merchandise, Jayson and Dave’s son Joe are on the boat. Joe has brought them luck before, and will soon be off to college, so they better catch some quick as tuition must be paid.

Another boat showed up for the hunt; this one is the Harpoon Boat Lily with Captain Bill “Hollywood” Muniz at the helm. The harpoon boats depend on their spotters flying in a plane above. When he spots tuna, he lets the boat know where they are, and out on the extended deck goes the harpooner as he gets coordinates from above. The first throw of the harpoon misses its target.

There is no love lost between TJ and Tyler. Tyler worked on TJ’s boat and learned his tuna fishing skills from him. However, one day, as Tyler was about to leave and get his own boat, TJ had to use Tyler’s phone and there on the phone was the picture of his plotter with his coordinates. TJ always stuck up for Tyler, until that day. When the Hot Tuna skipper decided to welcome Tyler’s new crew, they flew past them and sprayed them with the high-powered hose as they had a good laugh.

On the Hard Merchandise, Dave hears the reel spin on Joe’s last day before college. Unfortunately, this one is a blue shark, not what they want. Come on, tuna, come to Dave!

Another new boat is waiting to join the fleet; this one is temporarily named Wicked Pissah! And Paul Hebert is at the helm. He is leasing the boat and hopes to buy one of his own if he has a good season. His brother Bruce is with him again. As they leave the harbor, his GPS is not working, and suddenly, they hit a sand bar, and the boat is in jeopardy, but they manage to clear it and are on their way. The GPS better get fixed before they head home.

On the Lily, the spotter is seeing another school and directs Bill to the biggest one. This time they bring him home. It weighs 491 and pays $18 a pound for $8,838.

On the Pin Wheel, Tyler’s crewman Ari is seasick. When the reel starts spinning, Ari gets up, but runs to puke over the rail. As Tyler calls to his mates to follow his orders, but they fail and the fish escapes.

On the Hot Tuna, the reel starts spinning as they spot one on the screen. As the reel starts to spin, they pull in the third one as the crew does the happy dance, and the dog joins in. It weighs 374 and pays $17 for $6,358.

On the Hard Merchandise, they get another fish on the line. Jayson and Joe pulled him in, a nice fat slob that weighs 493, and pays $17 for $8,381.

Paul and Bruce made it out to the open sea without sinking. As soon as they dropped anchor, they got a bite, but it went under the boat and snagged the line.

On the Dot.Com, they got one on the line, for quite a while, and as they try to give Garon the orders at the wheel, the fish pulls the hook.

On the Pin Wheel, the reel starts spinning, and this time Tyler is determined to put it on the deck, but this one is a shark.

At the end of week two, the totals are:

  • Hot Tuna with 3 fish for $21,376.
  • Lily with 1 fish for $8,838.
  • Hard Merchandise with 1 fish for $8,381.
  • Pin Wheel with 1 fish for $5,504.
  • FV-Tuna.Com with 1 fish for $5,198

As the competition gets stronger, will the fish be more cooperative on the next episode of "Wicked Tuna?"

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