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‘Wicked Tuna’ experiences a 'Brotherly Shove' on NatGeo

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On tonight's episode of “Wicked Tuna” those fishermen of Gloucester, Mass. are back on their journey to catch the elusive bluefin tuna as fans see how the competition plays out in this difficult profession. The opening sequence shows just how tough it is to bring in these fish, that can earn them up to $20,000 for one gigantic tuna on this episode titled “Brotherly Shove.”

As the episode opens, the end of week eight, the totals are:

FV-Tuna.Com with six fish for $46,022.

Hot Tuna with four fish for $28,064.

Bounty Hunter has three for $24,938.

Harpoon boat Lily with six fish for $24,154.

Hard Merchandise with three fish for $15,918.

Bounty Hunter has two for $13,701.

Pin Wheel with two for $8,564.

Miss Sambuca one for $2,880.

As the episode begins, the Hot Tuna is ready to try something new to catch p to FV-Tuna.Com and after receiving good news from a fellow fishing boat, he decides to go with the green stick, a different kind of pole that allows them to lure fish while continuing on their way, and not having to sit and wait.

On the Lily, Captain Bill is dismayed because the harpoon season is just about over, as the fish stay farther below the surface, where the spotter plane cannot see them. So Bill decides to fish closer to dragger boats, that lure fish into large nets, that will also attract the hungry bluefin tuna. However, his pilot Mark does not like the idea and warns him that he should not be near those boats. The captain of the dragger boat is not happy either and warns him to stay away, but it is desperation time, and soon he sees a few tuna and luckily, spears one. He measures 91 inches, and dressed is 327 pounds and pays $15 for $4,905.

As the Miss Sambuca is ready to pull away from the fueling station, they pay $600 for fuel and with one fish so far, this is a rough time. Bruce gave up his charter fishing to help his brother, but is losing hope on Paul’s skills.

The Hard Merchandise is getting desperate and tries something new too. He uses lighter gear hoping to get the slightly smaller fish to bite, and also brings his son Joe, who has been a good-luck charm in the past. When they get a bite on that line, Jayson and Joe took turns trying to reel him in, but the line got caught in his gill plates and broke.

On the FV-Tuna.Com, Garon wants to move to Maine where his friends have caught fish, but the captain believes they should stay put.

On the Miss Sambuca, Bruce is getting fed up with his brother, and the lack of catching fish. He gave up a lucrative job for this gig, that has failed to pay and now is pissed at Paul for not providing him with a blanket.

On the Hot Tuna, the green stick works and they haul in a yellow fin, not as desirable as a bluefin, but it is a paycheck, but keeps him off the bluefin leader board.

As the Tuna.Com changes course and goes to Saco Bay, Garon is ecstatic, and now they just have to get a fish and prove his pouting was worth it.

On the Miss Sambuca, as tempers are flaring, they finally get a bite, and lost it after just a short time.

The Hard Merchandise is determined to get another fish and is chumming when a reel starts spinning. After losing the one earlier, they went this one more than ever, and reel this fish in. He measures 92 inches, weighs 319 and pays $14 for $4,466.

In Saco Bay, Paul is ready to leave after making the long trip to Maine, when suddenly there appear several fish on the fish finder, and they have a bite in no time. As they reel in this measures 103 inches, weighs 581 dressed and pays only $14 because Pacific bluefin is doing much better on the Japanese market, but nonetheless, it pays $8,134.

On the Miss Sambuca, they are chumming again and when Paul tells Bruce to do one more thing, he finally cracks and wants to leave the crew and Paul to his own devices. His brother shows no respect for him after walking away from his business to help his brother. Now with

At the end of week nine, the leaderboard is as follows:

FV-Tuna.Com with seven fish for $54,156.

Lily with seven fish for $29,059.

Hot Tuna with four fish for $28,064.

Bounty Hunter has three for $24,938.

Hard Merchandise with four fish for $20,384.

Bounty Hunter has two for $13,701.

Pin Wheel with two for $8,564.

Miss Sambuca one for $2,880.

With Dot.Com clearly in the lead, and no sign of last year’s leader, Pin Wheel, and the Hebert brothers parting ways, stay tuned as the waters get rough on the next episode of "Wicked Tuna."